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With a robust toolkit you can improve your SEO strategy and study your competition. In SEO, keeping an eye on your competitors is must to stay relevant. If you want to beat your competitor, you need to figure out a solid SEO strategy in terms of backlinks, keywords, content, and authority.

However, SEO software can be prohibitively expensive, and its capabilities are either too hard to use properly or insufficiently powerful to accomplish the task. SheerSEO is a platform that helps you to create SEO strategy, it also helps you to scope out your organic competition.

Track, monitor, and report your Google, Bing, and YouTube search result rankings. Keep an eye on your competitors’ SEO strategies, such as backlinks and keyword research. SheerSEO is an SEO platform that allows you to analyses and improve your keyword and backlink strategies, along with the monitor track of your website.

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SheerSEO Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What SheerSEO Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Monitor the quality of your backlinks, as well as your competitors’ backlinks, to stay updated about search engine ranking algorithm. Using SheerSEO you can examine the value of your backlinks with metrics like link text, citation, trust flow, and the number of outbound links.

This also helps in tracking your most valuable backlinks with real-time alerts and identify toxic backlinks that can be reason to harm your website rankings. You’ll also be able to identify relevant link chances for your keywords and generate new backlinks from active blogs.

Analyze and measure the progress of your backlinks, and also the backlinks of your competitors. The bottom line of SEO is keyword research which helps in the analysis of site content as well as technical SEO difficulties.

 With keyword explore feature you can even find out best keyword to focus on by measuring the value and complexity of the task. You’ll also get keyword insights from sites in your niche and exchange the information, as well as keyword suggestions.

How It SheerSEO Lifetime Deal Work?

SheerSEO’s automated rank tracking makes it easier to keep track of your website’s Google, Bing, and YouTube search result ranks. Leverage historical data for your keywords, with search volume, average cost-per-click (CPC), and more insights. 

The platform supports localization for most countries, so you may localize results by country, city, zip code, and even neighborhood. You can also export your data manually or automatically as white-labeled PDFs and CSV reports.

Stay on top of both your organic competition and the SEO health of your own website to give your SEO strategy a boost. Stay on top of both your organic competition and the SEO health of your own website to give your SEO strategy a boost.

SheerSEO provides a wide database of rankings and keywords, so you can find out which keywords bring in the most traffic and are the easiest to rank for. Track your website’s Google, Bing, and YouTube search result rankings, as well as historical statistics for your keywords.


Make your website easy to find out on SERP. With advanced keyword research, backlink quality assurance, and site health monitoring, SheerSEO can help you improve your SEO and keep track of your competitors. Make an advanced SEO plan.

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