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Scalable management, monetization, and analysis of your affiliate product promotions. Make it simple for audiences and followers to find the things you promote if you’re an influencer making a lot of money through affiliate marketing.

What you require is a programme that enables you to share your shopping suggestions so that your followers can discover the goods they like—while also allowing you to make money. To increase discoverability and conversions, manage all of your product promotions in one location and distribute your branded links.

Through built-in affiliate connections with more than 25 000 online businesses worldwide, promote your brands and products. In order to organize and monetize affiliate product marketing at scale, producers, publishers, and marketers can use the online store Shopper.com.

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shopper.com Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What shopper.com Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Get prompt alerts when a link to a product or affiliate has expired or become broken. You can create mobile-first stores with Shopper.com that feature layouts and colors that are matched to your brand.

Integrate your own brand and color scheme on every page to take store customization to the next level. Even better, you can utilize a branded URL in conjunction with your custom domain to boost engagement, boost SEO, and encourage repeat business.

You may utilize real-time analytics on Shopper.com to track conversions from various traffic sources to learn how customers interact with your goods. For even more information about how your affiliate efforts are performing, you may track pixels from Facebook and Google Analytics.

Additionally, your profits dashboard will provide you with the most recent information regarding total clicks, sales, revenue, and earnings per transaction. Since retailers take time to verify activities, the display can also offer the whole history of transactions that have been approved, delayed, or refused to give users a better understanding of cash flow.

How It shopper.com Lifetime Deal Work?

To make it easier for your followers and audiences to find the goods they desire, Shopper.com allows you organize and sell your suggested products and shopping bargains. On your store’s landing page, all products—from selling fashion items to instructional courses or even fitness memberships—are attractively displayed.

Share your store’s URL on various channels by including it in your blog posts, adding it to YouTube, or advertising it on WhatsApp. Additionally, you can use the built-in monetization functionality to monetize your own affiliate links or benefit from the built-in affiliate connections with more than 25,000 online retailers.

Over time, a lot of affiliate URLs have broken links, which means you lose out on all that money. You’ll receive a notification any time a product or affiliate link is broken or has expired thanks to the immediate notification module.

Each notification allows you to view the item, link, and retailer, making it much quicker for you to address faulty links. On order to stay on top of your affiliate game, you’ll also be able to manage and track all product URLs shared across various channels in the same platform.


Shopper.com enables you to categories and make money from the things you recommend, allowing your audience to bypass the research process and jump right into what they prefer.

Earn Profit from your product referrals.

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