Shopsy App – Get 150Rs Bonus, Detailed Review, Payment Proof

Shopsy is an online eCommerce app, whose goal is to provide an easy way to do the shopping and earn money online through shopping. In which no payment of any kind is to be made. Through which you can order anything you like from clothes, groceries, electronic gadgets, mobiles and much more.

Shopsy apk

The way Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Meesho are all online shopping apps, in the same way, Shopsy app is also an online shopping app The special thing is that this app is launched by Flipkart itself, that is, it is not any other app but it is the app of Flipkart itself, so it is absolutely safe.

How To Download The Shopsy App

  • First of all open Google Play Store on your mobile
  • Or You can download from this “Shopsy Apk
  • Now search by writing Shopsy in the above search box
  • You will see the Shopsy app at the top, click on it
  • Now you have to install that app in your mobile.
  • After doing this process, the Shopsy app will be downloaded in your mobile.

How To Create Your Account In Shopsy App?

  • First of all, install Shopsy app in your mobile.
  • Now open the app.
  • No need to register for existing Flipkart users.
  • Now log in with your mobile number (if you already have a Flipkart account then you should log in to Shopsy with the same mobile number)
  • As soon as you give your mobile number, it will ask you for OTP (this OTP will come on the mobile number given by you)
  • Now your Shopsy account will be created as soon as you enter the OTP

What Is Shopsy App?

Shopsy is a social commerce platform launched by Flipkart that will allow individual entrepreneurs and small businesses to share their product catalogues and take orders through platforms like WhatsApp.

You can start an online business from shopsy for free and you can also start this business from home and earn money from shopsy. The one who started an online business on a shopsy app can share the products of shopsy online on social media like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and he can make the product reach the people.

The biggest reason why shopsy online earning app is trustworthy is Flipkart. Because the credibility of Flipkart is already widespread.

Reliable Delivery & Customer Support

  • Reliability of delivery to the customer in seven days
  • End to the end tracking system
  • At any time you can find solutions to your problems and ask questions related to shops.

Extensive Selection

  • You will have access to all over 150 million products of Flipkart on the Shopsy online earning app. Huge choice compared to other platforms in India

Easy Products & Refund Facility

  • In case of unsatisfactory customer satisfaction, the products/refund policy will prove to be the best solution to this problem.

How Shopsy App Works?

This app is the biggest distributed commerce platform in India. The Shopsy app is just like Flipkart, in which there are millions of product lists of different categories. You need to select the product you want to sell and after that share it with your friends, relatives or anyone. 

When you share the product, all its information and photo of the product will go to the customer. Suppose you share a product with someone on WhatsApp, then only its information and photos will be shared. The link of that product will not be shared, the customer will only get the image and detail of that product.

When you receive orders from your customers, then you need to place the order in Shopsy and the order gets delivered to their address. And you get the commissions for that order in your account.

How To Order Any Product From Shopsy App?

  • First of all, open the Shopsy app on your mobile.
  • Search your product now
  • Now after searching, click on the product you like
  • Now you will get the option of Add To Cart below,click on it and add that item to your cart
  • Now go to your cart, there you will see that product
  • Now click on Place Order given below
  • After this you will ask for the address, set it, after that click on Deliver here
  • Now choose your payment method (Cash on Delivery or Debit/Credit card or Net banking or Gift card or any UPI method)
  • Now click on Place Order

By doing this, your product will be ordered, which you can see by going to the order section. Please confirm the final cashback amount before ordering.

Benefits of Shopsy App

  • If you do online shopping a lot or do it for someone, then you can earn & save 20 to 30 thousand a month with the help of this app.
  • Whatever product you order through this app, you also get supercoins, which gets credited in the flipkart app made from your same number, through which you can make vouchers, products or bill payments on flipkart.
  • With this application you can earn money sitting at home.
  • Shopsy app gives the fastest delivery to its customers.
  • If you want to earn more than 30 thousand sitting at home, then you must use this app.
  • The more expensive product you order on it, the more profit you will get on it.
  • If you have a gift card of any amount in your flipkart account, then you can use that gift card in the payment method while ordering a product on this shopsy app as well.
  • With this, the profit you will get on that product will go to your bank account and supercoins will be added to your flipkart account.

Track & Withdraw Earnings In Shopsy App

It is quite easy to track and withdraw your earnings with just a single click. Here are a few T&C’s and procedures to smoothly process.

  • Minimum amount you can withdraw is 100Rs.
  • Withdrawal is credited directly in your bank a/c.
  • Your bank will be verified first.
  • Instant credit in your bank account.
  • You can change your bank account anytime.

How To Check Earnings?

  • First of all, open the Shopsy app on your mobile.
  • Now go to the Account section
  • Now here you will get the option of My Earnings, click on it
  • Here you can see your earnings.

How To Withdraw Earnings?

  • Add you bank account.
  • After verification, you can withdraw if the amount is 100 or above.
  • Click on “Earnings”
  • Click on “Withdraw Now”

How To Change Bank Account?

  • Click on “Account”
  • Then go to “My Bank Account”
  • Click on “Delete”
  • Then Add new account.
  • Enter “Name, Account number, IFSC”
  • No need to upload any document.
  • You will get 1Rs in your bank for confirmation.
  • You account is then verified.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the commonly asked questions.

Shopsy Customer Care Number

There are multiple official ways to contact customer care in case of any assistance and help required on an immediate basis. Below are some of the links and social profiles of Shopsy customer care support. We recommend contacting via these official channels only.

Number (Toll-Free)1800 309 9898


Hope you got all the details about the shopsy app and How it works, what is it, how to earn money from it. If you like this post share it with your friends.

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