($79) SMS-iT Cloud Lifetime Deal AppSumo

Bring out an SMS marketing campaigns with powerful, compliant software. Want to make your own SMS marketing strategy is like doing a task without any knowledge. SMS-iT Cloud is a tool that you need to build a robust strategy easy to configure, and fully automated.

Between outdated protocols, global regulations, and exclusive software, you might me pull out. SMS-iT Cloud allows you to engage with your customers using bulk or Omnichannel messaging across channels like SMS, RCS, and email.

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SMS-iT Cloud Lifetime Deal Appsumo

How Do SMS-iT Cloud Work?

Basically, SMS-iT Cloud is an Omnichannel messaging platform that is integrated with AI, automation, and analytics to improve our business. This app allows you to evolve bulk or two-way Omni channel communications for creating new leads.

This tool comes with 51 powerful features, so you can easily create cutting-edge campaigns using tools like branded QR codes, SMS polls, and real-time statistics. Also the built in Zapier integration allows you to access over 4,000 apps to automate your whole workflow.

SMS-iT Cloud allows you to automate your communications using three kinds of programmable APIs. It thoughtlessly sends scheduled messages to your contacts, retrieve message delivery reports, and validate one-time passwords.

Here you can also integrate two-way Omni channel messaging with different virtual environments, like Blockchain, Metaverse, and IoT ecosystems. Get access of 51 smart features right from the user-friendly SMS-iT Cloud dashboard.

What SMS-iT Cloud Can Do?

To keep both parties, secure and safe you can execute smart verification at every step of your marketing campaign. It creates two want authentication codes to verify identities, all is to preserve your business from fake bot accounts.

You can also make and verify your own custom one-time passwords when SMS-iT Cloud can manage all the communications. You can also send OTP to verify customers and protect your business from fraud. Get integration features like Zapier, Dropbox, Shopify, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Slack, DocuSign, WordPress, and Google Calendar.

Using this tool, you can create your own TCPA-compliant marketing list with a huge consumer database. Initiate your campaign to loads of potential customers using over one billion segmented mobile numbers.

And SMS-iT Cloud uses opt-ins instead of scraping the internet, so people won’t be got angry when you contact them. Creates your own TCPA-complaint marketing database and track opt-ins from likely customers.


An SMS marketing strategy can be best to grow your business and customers. With SMS-iT Cloud, you can get avail sophisticated features, seamless integrations, and organic opt-ins to begin a strong SMS marketing campaign.

Get Huge response with tiny messages.

SMS-iT Cloud Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($79) Tier 2 ($159) Tier 3 ($269)
125 voice messages per month250 voice messages per month750 voice messages per month
125 text messages per month250 text messages per month 750 text messages per month
Unlimited user seatsUnlimited user seats Unlimited user seats

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