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Increase leads and save advertising expenses with an AI-powered Facebook management tool. Just because you are spending lots of money on Facebook ad campaigns doesn’t mean you are necessarily building your brand. 

You waste a lot of time attempting to manage engagements and thinking about the increasing expenses of ad campaigns without the proper Facebook tool. SocialCloser is a tool where you could track and retarget engagements on any of your Facebook advertisements, figure out which sales priorities are most important, and even reduce ad expenses.

Determine your top sales priorities, then create new bespoke audiences to target them. For any ad or set of advertisements, create Facebook custom retargeting audiences using engagements.

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SocialCloser Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What SocialCloser Lifetime Deal Can Do?

View all unread comments and respond from a single place on any number of pages, posts, or advertisements. You can organize all comments by advertising campaign and respond to likes from your most engaged followers. With profiles, ranks, calendars, tags, and notes, you can keep track of your leads.

Keep track of new leads who are interacting with your page for the first time so you can follow up and encourage them to back. Additionally, when you build real-time interaction columns, you won’t ever miss another message or comment from your ardent followers.

Make real-time engagement columns using the many customizable filtering choices open. A CRM designed particularly for Facebook is available through SocialCloser, allowing you to quickly and easily access a lead’s entire interaction history and crucial sales-closing context.

Create individual lead profiles and rankings for each user who interacts with your page automatically. Additionally, you can include any lead’s sales pipeline stage, add tags, create notes, and schedule follow-up reminders.

How It SocialCloser Lifetime Deal Work?

A Facebook lead engagement and management application powered by AI, SocialCloser automatically optimizes leads while saving ad expenses. You may identify and interact with your most active Facebook fans by using SocialCloser to rank leads based on their level of involvement over time.

Your most engaged followers can be used to create bespoke retargeting audiences that also work well as lookalike audiences for lead generation ad campaigns. Anyone who interacts with specific advertising or groups of ads can be retargeted, allowing you to reengage people who have already expressed interest in your business.

On Facebook, create a unique audience of your brand’s most dedicated and active real fans. Using one convenient dashboard, SocialCloser makes it simple to view all of your unread comments on any number of pages, posts, or advertisements.

To react, like, or hide a comment without switching back and forth, simply click the number in the missed comments column for any post or advertisement. This will allow you to interact with your prospects more quickly and make sure that no feedback is overlooked.


With a fair amount of tracking and retargeting tools, SocialCloser provides you everything you need to make the most of your Facebook ads and close more orders. Hope you get all the information regarding SocialCloser. Still if you have any query you can ask in the comment box below.

Make your Facebook advertisements effective.

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