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You can feel even grouchier than Shrek after slogging through your overflowing support mailbox. You are spending much too much time on time-consuming duties, such as answering the same questions over and over, gathering consumer information, and filling out paperwork all day.

SocialNowa Chatbot is assistance that could answer questions, create leads, post content, and finalise deals around-the-clock. Create chatbots without programming that qualify leads and increase sales with an integrated e-commerce site.

To keep fans interested, plan your social media updates from the same platform. You can schedule social media postings and create automated discussion flows with the aid of the SocialNowa Chatbot.

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SocialNowa Chatbot Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What SocialNowa Chatbot Lifetime Deal Can Do?

To quickly create the ideal chatbot, look through the library of pre-built templates. A human must occasionally intervene to answer queries and seal deals, even though automated conversations are a fantastic method to engage leads.

When leads or customers require more direct assistance, you may get in touch with them using the live chat tool. Additionally, the SocialNowa Chatbot interfaces with Google Sheets and Zapier to help your sales and support teams streamline their processes.

Use live chat to join the conversation and communicate with consumers and leads immediately. Utilize the free tools provided by SocialNowa Chatbot to discover how to fully utilize robust conversation automations.

Discover advice on everything from using the dashboard to creating intricate DM flows by perusing the vast library of video tutorials and training.

You can even ask product inquiries and see how other users are increasing sales with their chatbots by gaining access to the private Facebook community.

How It SocialNowa Chatbot Lifetime Deal Work?

You have all the tools you need to create a Facebook Messenger or Instagram chatbot for your company with SocialNowa Chatbot.

Without having to do anything, automatically gather contact information, such as phone numbers and emails, from leads or current clients.

The same dashboard also allows you to schedule social media updates, which keeps your following interested on a regular basis.

Additionally, you will be able to automate comments or responses to maintain a constant connection with your leads and clients.

The drag-and-drop builder allows you to create your Facebook and Instagram DM automation flow in a matter of minutes.

Simply use the visual drag-and-drop flow builder to create your DM automation flow from scratch or using templates to get started.

You can also create an online store with SocialNowa Chabot so you can take orders and sell both physical and digital goods.

To increase traffic to messenger, where your prospects can inquire about products and make purchases from your store, you can even integrate Click-to-Messenger ads.

At Last

Learn how to use the capabilities of SocialNowa Chatbot by seeing the library of video lessons.

Using a chatbot to automate your workflow gives the impression that you have employed a support agent, social media manager, and personal assistant.

You can scale your business with SocialNowa Chatbot, a no-code chatbot designed to automate all of your necessary duties.

Let a robot speak for you.

SocialNowa Chatbot Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($69) Tier 2 ($138) Tier 3 ($207)
10 Facebook pages20 Facebook pages50 Facebook pages
10 Instagram DMs20 Instagram DMs50 Instagram DMs
2,000 WhatsApp subscribers2,500 WhatsApp subscribers3,000 WhatsApp subscribers

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