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Create original music with no royalties quickly using an AI-powered audio platform. Your track finally has finally selected, but the usage rights are ridiculously pricey. Soundpiece is a platform where artificial intelligence (AI) could be used to quickly produce endless, royalty-free tunes for any genre.

And even the most affordable music libraries only give you a small selection of songs for your original works. With AI-generated melodies, chord progressions, and beats, you can make an unlimited number of royalty-free songs directly from your browser.

A platform for audio called soundpiece employs artificial intelligence to create creative music that you can use in any project without having to pay any fees. You can access the plugin to connect to the platform from your digital audio workstation.

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Soundpiece Lifetime Deal  Appsumo

What Soundpiece Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Using this platform its super easy to create completely original songs from your digital audio workstation (DAW). All you have to do is download soundpiece’s “inspire” plugin to integrate the platform with your existing DAW, including Ableton and Logic Pro. After that, you can start composing and combining music in your preferred workspace!

You can easily compose new songs or remix your existing tracks using the Inspire plugin. And the best thing is that, you’ll never pay royalties on the music you create with soundpiece. They can therefore be used commercially on any platform.

You’ll never have to worry about charges or usage rights, and your music will never be in danger of being taken down. Soundpiece is an amazing application for musicians, music producers, and all other music-related professions. This platform helping people create their music of their choice easily and affordably.

How It Soundpiece Lifetime Deal Work?

With soundpiece, you can use AI to your advantage to compose unique music that is suitable for every project tone that sounds you exact need. You can produce an unlimited number of songs using soundpiece audio platform, so that you can improve your video material or drop new tracks.

Thousands of original loops and samples that are great for remixing your favorite tracks can also be generated and accessible. To access AI algorithms that produce beautiful, ad-free music, sign up for Soundpiece.

You can easily make new melodies, chord progressions, and beats with the help of simple drop down interface. To give your music that cinematic, lo-fi, pop, or rock feel, simply choose your tempo, song length, and style treatment.

The AI system behind soundpiece will then instantly generate a tone of original song alternatives that can match with your mood. With an easy-to-use interface, you can create countless melodies, beats, and chord progressions.


Creating good music will always help you to stand out in the digital content. But sometime it can be time consuming too so Soundpiece can help you in that case. You can create wonderful, original music for any project without ever having to pay royalties because to soundpiece’s AI. Hope you get all the information about soundpiece still if you have any query you can ask in the comment box below.

Create music that matches your vibe.

Soundpiece Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($69)
Unlimited song creation
Unlimited storage
50 download credits per day

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