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Squirrly SEO Improve SERP Visibility of WordPress site with data-driven SEO goals from an AI consultant. Search engine optimization can be a difficult task to perform if you are not from technical background. Squirrly SEO is a tool that guide you with functional steps to get top search engine ranking using power of AI.

There are so many SEO tool available in the market that loaded with lots of features that you might not need. Squirrly SEO comes with customized to-dos from an AI SEO consultant for better rankings with step by step execution.

It is one stop platform for keyword research, content optimization, technical SEO, site audits, rank tracking, and more. Improve your website ranking with Squirrly SEO under proper guidance.

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Squirrly SEO Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Squirrly SEO Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Locate potency keywords to target your audience and optimize your content. Find the great keyword in just one step and use that correctly in your SEO Content to get the best result. The live assistance feature of Squirrly SEO gives you real time SEO feedback on your content as you type in the WordPress editor, with on page optimization suggestion.

To bring about deliberately using the blogging tools to add copyright-free images, include relevant tweets, and reference related blog posts. Squirrly SEO allows you to focus on the tasks that really matters and to the purpose that how search engines work.

Focus on the page pages you most want to rank with Focus pages. Choose any page as a focus page and this page inspect it just like Google would. To improve your website ranking it will give you a list of page-specific tasks so you need to work on that.

This tool also allows you to track performance for thousands of your traffic-driving keywords covering 170+ search engines. Get deep insight for every keyword like clicks, impressions, and social shares. You can also check how well your content is performing. You can also check your top ranking pages to get the idea about where your traffic is coming from.

How Squirrly SEO Lifetime Deal Work?

All thanks to machine learning, Squirrly SEO AI systems strainer through billions of data spot that have made over 600,000 websites rank higher on Google. According to that data, you will get high-priority objective goals that is totally to the point to your site.

Check out entirely what steps you need to take to improve your page ranking higher with step by step command on how to complete each single goal. With Squirrly SEO you will get to know exactly what you need to do to get higher rankings.

You can find untapped keyword ideas and examine their potential with the built-in keyword research tool. Get all the information for every keyword you research that includes search volume, competition data, keyword difficulty and more.

Also get the information about a particular topic that how popular the keyword is and the odds of ranking. Once you get high-potential keywords, you can save and arrange keywords into groups to craft your content and make a perfect SEO strategy using the Briefcase feature.

Conclusion:  Handling Search Engine optimization can be a tedious task but Squirrly SEO makes it easy with AI assistance. Optimize your WordPress site using this tool and make your SEO success with your own hands.

Squirrly SEO Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($49) Tier 2 ($98) Tier 3 ($147)
5 sites10 sitesUnlimited sites
25 focus pages/accounts (10 per site)50 focus pages/accounts (10 per site)100 focus pages/accounts (10 per site)
300 keyword searches per month

600 keyword searches per month

900 keyword searches per month

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