($129) Stackby Lifetime Deal AppSumo: Plan, Organize And Automate Your Work

Stackby is a full-featured project management software designed to provide services to institutions and businesses. StackBy provides a comprehensive solution. This online project management system provides collaborative data optimization and integration of all functions in one place.

Stackby is an organizational platform that enables you to build your own enterprise-specific task management platform using a spreadsheet-style database and customizable enterprise APIs. You can instantly create your own personal databases like a spreadsheet or Google Sheets. You can import data from existing sources or choose from over 150 standard templates across multiple categories to start right away.

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Stackby Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What is Stackby Lifetime Deal?

Stackby is a project management platform used by business marketing agencies and entrepreneurs to improve workflow automation and collaboration. It combines the powerful functionality of a spreadsheet database and APIs in a flexible workspace. 

Stackby allows you to create spreadsheet-like online databases by loading data from an Excel spreadsheet or creating custom pre-designed templates from scratch. Basically, it takes spreadsheets and you can build them into powerful databases like applications or use cases. And then in the stack be model. They are tied together with API so you can automatically fetch and pull down data, such as email information or YouTube stats or whatever.

How Stackby Lifetime Appsumo Deal Works?

Stackby allows you to quickly collect and manage data from a variety of sources thereby automating your work. You can automatically extract data from website services and applications and enter it into the database tables you create in Stackby. The platform allows you to organize data into different fields like phone numbers drop-down collaboration API connections etc.

With this tool, you can perform calculations on column data and add, join data and record from all tables. which can oversee your potential customer development and promotional marketing activities as well as improve project management activities and team member productivity.

This project management platform allows you to communicate effectively with your partners. You can write personal comments or send texts or chat. Plus, Stackby allows you to create to-do lists, assign tasks to members, and set deadlines.

Stackby has a feature called layout that allows you to configure and view your data in any way you want. You and your team members can view data in Canon and Calendar to easily track the progress of tasks or projects and ensure they are completed on time.

All updates are automatically synchronized so you can add real-time reminder boards and send separate notifications. You can access Stackby on mobile and desktop web browsers that you can automatically build and execute from anywhere.

The best part is that you can link your column to third party APIs like YouTube Hunter.io. It automatically extracts the information you want via default API capabilities. Boy. You can select specific data from API responses and configure columns with JSON Explorer Integrated. Once configured you can update for real-time data.

Conclusion: Stackby allows you to manage and visualize your data in a variety of ways. Data can be displayed in a grid calendar gallery or in Canon view. The platform allows you to create to-do lists for your personal records and notify your colleagues via a loose app or reminder. Hope you got all the details of Stackby if you have any query you can ask in the comment box.

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