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Creating features for a product at random from the top of your head can be highly unpredictable.  Understanding what people genuinely want to use is essential to developing a successful product that will keep them interested.

You want a solution that will assist you in planning features, considering user journeys, working with your team during development, and gathering user feedback. Utilize Zapier to gain access to hundreds of connectors and an AI assistant to expedite your product management processes.

Synchronize up your product management group with strategic roadmaps and user narrative mapping.

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StoriesOnBoard Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What StoriesOnBoard Lifetime Deal Can Do?

With only a few clicks, create roadmaps to monitor the status of your product development. Full team collaboration is supported by StoriesOnBoard, as any card may be created, edited, and commented on by anybody, and all changes are recorded on the card timeline.

In order to relieve yourself of some of the responsibilities involved in product planning, you may also include the AI helper in your team.

Use AI to create user stories, come up with feature ideas, or compose a release announcement that enumerates the features you’re going to deliver. Use AI to quickly create release notes, user stories, and product features.

Additionally, you can easily integrate StoriesOnBoard into your existing workflow thanks to Zapier’s thousands of app integrations. You will be able to gather suggestions and input from users of well-known CRM programmes as well as apps like Slack and Intercom.

With support for two-way synchronisation, integrate GitHub and Trello directly to ensure that all changes are reflected on both platforms.

How It StoriesOnBoard Lifetime Deal Work?

Throughout development, product teams may find, organise, and verify ideas with the aid of StoriesOnBoard, a story-mapping application.

By arranging everything as cards on a planning board, StoriesOnBoard facilitates ideation and feature mapping for products based on your user’s journey.

Create, edit, and navigate to any card quickly and easily using the app’s full keyboard navigation support—all without ever using a mouse. Determine the characteristics that require the most attention by assigning each one a level of importance, business value, and effort.

To enable your entire team to know which features are shipping together, you will be able to arrange cards together into separate releases.

Priorities app features by creating a map of your user journeys. Transform your product backlog into a strategic roadmap that makes it obvious to everyone on your team what they should be working on.

Depending on your team’s preferred method of work organization, you can arrange your roadmap into quarterly or priority-based views.

Additionally, you will not have to waste time creating features that are not well-received because visitors can check your roadmap and give feedback.

At Last

Use Zapier to integrate StoriesOnBoard with your existing tools.

It almost feels like you’re doing a Jedi mind trick on your users when you utilise the correct product management tool.

Product teams can effectively plan, prioritise, and work together to address customer demands by utilising the power of user story mapping with the aid of StoriesOnBoard.

Provide what your users desire.

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