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Storydoc allows you to create interactive presentations, white papers, case studies, and more that distinguish you from your competition. With Storydoc you get to choose what kind of content you want to create. You can start from scratch or use templates. Your content will look great on any device, and you’ll be able to track how your audience engages with it.

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Storydoc Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Storydoc Lifetime Deal Can Do?

With captivating visual storytelling, Storydoc makes it simple for your customers to digest information whether you’re creating a presentation, business pitch, or proposal.

You can choose from Numerous templates that are compatible with mobile devices are available, including case studies, marketing presentations, and sales decks.

You can simply add in your own information and let this capable slide editor take care of everything, including branding and content organisation.

How It Storydoc Lifetime Deal Work?

When you have a story to tell, you need the right tools to tell it effectively. That’s where StoryDoc comes in. StoryDoc helps you create awesome deliverables like interactive presentations, white papers, and case studies. Plus, it’s easy to use and you can collaborate with others in real-time.

After you connect your website to Storydoc, our software will automatically extract your brand’s colors, logo, and other assets. This makes it easy to create beautiful documents that represent your brand.

Additionally, you can incorporate your calendar so that attendees can plan a meeting directly from your presentation.

With Storydoc, you’ll be able to easily demonstrate concepts and walkthroughs in your presentations by embedding videos from sites like YouTube, Vidyard, and others.

By adding instant personalization to your deck, you can tailor the materials to fit the prospect. Additionally, dropping in dynamic variables like names, companies, and dates can help you connect with your customer on a more personal level.

Storydoc allows you to track engagement metrics for every lead so you can make informed decisions about your marketing campaign. 

For example, you can see how many times someone has visited your website, what pages they spent the most time on, and what kind of device they were using. This information can help you determine what kind of content is most effective for your target audience.

StoryDoc makes it easy to engage your audience by using an engagement score to optimize your slides. You can also remove the guesswork by collaborating with others in real-time.

StoryDoc’s engagement score feature allows you to optimize your slides based on real-time behavioral data. This way, you can avoid the guesswork and ensure that your presentation is engaging.

Storydoc helps you get real-time notifications on your lead’s behavior so that you can know where a deal stands and when to follow up. By using Storydoc’s engagement score, you can optimize your slides based on the progress of the deal.

Storydoc is a great tool for creating stunning, interactive presentations that shine above the rest. It takes minutes to set up and is perfect for winning more customers.


Hope you got all details about Storydoc. If You have any query or doubt you can ask in the comment box.

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