($69) Switchboard Canvas Lifetime Deal AppSumo

Automating your image and video creation in no time. These days it seems like everyone is content creator. Content creation becomes huge part of people life’s to building a brand and boosting visibility. But constantly making new content can lead to burnout.

Switchboard Canvas is a platform that makes content creation quick and easy using templates and automation. You can easily create multiple videos and images using one template. It is the best tool for Social media marketers, bloggers, and advertisers who wants to save their time.

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Switchboard Canvas Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What does Switchboard Canvas Can Do?

Switchboard Canvas comes with a professional feature that makes content creation easier. With batch processing, you can create more content at scale. All you have to do is, connect to air table and Switchboard can take care of rest of the things.

Do you have international audience? No issue Switchboard Canvas allows you to translate text into 70 languages using the Switchboard API. You can keep all images by brand uploading design assets like fonts and logos to the library just with one click.

You can manage design assets in folders, you can get it easily when you need it or you want to update it. If you are able to update all your branded design assets, then Switchboard Canvas ensure that you are using the latest design version on image and video templates.

How does Switchboard Canvas Lifetime Deal Works?

It is an API-integrated image and video creation platform who wants to save time with automation process. Using this, you can make one responsive template and use it to generate multiple images no matter what the dimension is. With Switchboard’s intuitive web-based design tool you can create templates in no time.

Here you can upload your own fonts and images to make branded images and videos with the custom template. Once you build an image template you can switch out elements in real time using the Switchboard Canvas API, or a no-code tool like Zapier.

You can connect Switchboard Canvas to fecundity tools like Airtable, Pabbly Connect, and Integrately to start automating the content creation process. Using this strategy, you don’t have to do tedious task for design work and get the perfect content creation.

Conclusion: Making engaging content everyday feels like exhaust even for best folks. But Switchboard Canvas makes it easy for you so you can save your time. It allows you to automate image and video creation with responsive templates, so you can only focus on creating content strategy.

Boost and update your content creation process!

Switchboard Canvas Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($69) Tier 2 ($129) Tier 3 ($199)
5,000 API calls per month10,000 API calls per month 100,000 API calls per month
2 image sizes per call image sizes per call 6 image sizes per call
25 images per batch 50 images per batch 250 images per batch

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