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Create your own online knowledge base and help desk with the help of Ticksy. A custom online help desk may result in more issues than it truly resolves. However, when you compare them to other available options, you’ll find that they’re overstuffed with features and quite complex to set up.

Ticksy create a user-friendly support site without writing any code and have it effortlessly interface with leading platforms. Create a knowledge base and help desk for online public and private customer assistance tickets.

Thanks to robust interfaces with marketplaces like Envato, you can confirm customer licencing before filing tickets. To improve your customer support, Ticksy enables you to build a digital help desk and knowledge base with a distinctive brand.

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Ticksy Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Ticksy Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Before a user can submit a ticket, you may check their licencing thanks to effective integrations. Your support staff will have less work to do if you utilise Ticksy to create a knowledge base that customers can use to find answers to frequent questions.

Unlimited articles that cover every aspect of your company may be written and organised into sections or subcategories for simple navigation. Additionally, as the platform allows for public ticketing, you have the choice to allow users to crowdsource answers.

Use a knowledge base for FAQs to empower your consumers to resolve their own problems. Your help desk system can become a seamless extension of your company thanks to Ticksy’s fully customizable platform.

Make sure that the page colours, banner pictures, and logos you choose are in keeping with the overall style of your branding. To draw users in right away, you may even add welcome messages or vital notices.

How It Ticksy Lifetime Deal Work?

You can build a multilingual, user-friendly help desk using Ticksy that is simple for both your customers and support staff to utilize. Create custom fields for your ticket submission page with possibilities for text fields and box selections to make sure agents have access to the data they require.

Your agents can concentrate on more challenging tickets if you create scripted solutions for frequently asked questions. Create a web-based help desk to provide multilingual service to clients wherever.

To automatically check client licence prior to submitting new tickets, integrate with Envato, Themely, Freemius, and Easy Digital Downloads. In this manner, your password-protected support portal will be instantly accessible to your paying clients. Additionally, Ticksy includes a useful external verification tool that lets you confirm purchases made on many sites.


Create a support portal that is entirely unique to your brand and matches its aesthetic. You just receive the tools you require with Ticksy’s no-code platform to create a user-friendly help desk and knowledge base for your company.

On your ways, support your customers.

Ticksy Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

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