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Implement personalized booking pages and calendar connections to streamline your schedule. Finding work-life balance is challenging enough when you have to manually coordinate across time zones and combine information from your personal and professional calendars.

You require a hassle-free method of scheduling meetings across all of your calendars. Utilizing personalised booking sites, schedule meetings for free or money at times that are convenient for you. Utilize powerful integrations to sync your calendars and take payments without difficulty. With the help of TidyCal, you can better organise your schedule and attract more appointments.

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TidyCal Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What TidyCal Lifetime Deal Can Do?

TidyCal’s calendar, payment, and workflow connectors let you synchronise your calendars and accept payments. You can include widgets or links to your booking pages on your website by using TidyCal to share your booking pages.

You can share particular appointment kinds or integrate your complete booking page. And once you get them on the phone, you can easily pitch and turn site visitors into paying customers.

Make scheduling simple for everyone by integrating a booking page widget on your website. When a client makes an appointment, TidyCal makes it easy for you to get all the necessary client data. Set up your page to ask questions before making the booking, so you’re prepared for the meeting ahead of time.

TidyCal will automatically email everyone who has registered for the meeting a confirmation once it has been scheduled. Additionally, you and your customer will be able to easily change the time or day of the meeting so that everyone is aware of any alterations.

How It TidyCal Lifetime Deal Work?

You can easily modify and manage a variety of bookings with TidyCal’s user-friendly interface. Whether you wish to offer free or paid meetings, you may create a variety of booking kinds for different days to design your ideal calendar.

You can take the breaks you require in between meetings if you specify your availability in time blocks each day and include gap times. Additionally, you can schedule one-on-one and group meetings using this application because business meetings don’t always follow a specific format.

Give your potential customers and clients a variety of free and paid meeting choices, all on your conditions.

With TidyCal’s API and Zapier connections, you may access a wide range of apps that automate your scheduling procedures. Sync and automate all of your calendars across Google, Apple, and Microsoft Office to ensure that no appointments, whether they are for work or play, are missed.

You may create personalized meeting links instantly by integrating Zoom and Google Meet. Additionally, you can accept payments through Stripe and PayPal before the meeting even starts if you’re giving courses or consulting sessions.


With tools to gather information and change appointment details, TidyCal makes connecting with customers and potential customers simple. You get all you need with TidyCal to handle all of your bookings and convert potential customers into paying ones.

Use a single tool to manage all of your calendars and take charge of your schedule.

TidyCal Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($29)
10 calendar connections
Free & paid meetings
Reduced branding

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