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Create engaging sales training for your people Without writing any code. It’s challenging enough to come up with content for your sales and marketing, the tech setup is another challenge. You’ll need to put together a sizable amount of money to hire someone else to complete the task unless you can level up your abilities over night. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could create interactive sales training without any coding, engage your team, and monitor overall performance. TIQ Software is a platform that offers you all the things at one place. Create sales training with interactive exercises and no-code course templates.

Without paying per-seat license fees, build a white-label experience and share your courses with an unlimited number of users. You may create interactive training programmers with TIQ Software to teach your workers about the goods and services they must market.

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TIQ Software Lifetime Deal  Appsumo

What TIQ Software Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Create your course with code-free templates for onboarding, workshops, and more. To make your courses more engaging for users, TIQ Software helps you build interactive challenges for certain lesson topics.

Choose from more than 20 different problem kinds, including missing word exercises that will help you understand important concepts and multiple choice photos that will graphically emphasize products.

Additionally, you can include videos in your course to give students more knowledge about your company, goods, and services. As students finish activities and your course, award them with amusing medals.

You may monitor statistics using the analytics dashboard provided by TIQ Software, and you can use the information to maintain improving your team’s course. Access data about course performance that is simple to understand, such as session length, average scores, and completion rates.

To determine what information connects with consumers and which questions require revision, you can even dig deep into specific questions. Additionally, it is simple to create downloadable CSV reports with comprehensive data on each user’s interaction.

How It TIQ Software Lifetime Deal Work?

With TIQ Software’s intuitive building software you can create, edit, and publish interactive courses to train your sales team. Personalize the course title and description, include your company’s logo, and make any content changes to ensure the course flows as you want.

To access the course and any papers, videos, or slide decks, go into the central learning platform. Additionally, as there are no per-seat licenses fees, you can share your course with an unlimited number of users.

Get a straightforward course building tool to personalize your interactive sales training. Several no-code course templates are available on TIQ Software, and you may customize the fonts, graphics, and media files to give each course a special feel.

Every use case imaginable is covered, including sales training, diversity and inclusion workshops, and onboarding. Additionally, a complete media library is available for you to draw free drawings and images from if you wish to create a course from scratch.


Without having to do any coding work, TIQ Software makes it simple to create interactive assignments and performance tracking for sales training content.

Assist your team in closing more sales.

TIQ Software Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

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