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It might be difficult to find the perfect music for your video material, much like looking for a needle in a haystack. You still need to find out how to alter the song for your particular video after purchasing the rights to the ideal song, though.

Tuney is a music editor driven by AI that made it simple to create original music selections and edit them to properly match your video content. Create unique music of the highest calibre in a range of styles by utilising the sounds of live musicians.

It is simple to adjust the music to match the timing of the video and action on screen. Without any prior editing experience, you can create, edit, and sync soundtracks to your video material using Tuney, an AI-powered platform.

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Tuney Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Tuney Lifetime Deal Can Do?

A track’s duration can be easily edited to suit anywhere between 15 seconds and five minutes. Tuney employs a hybrid methodology that lets you mix human music with generative elements to produce a distinctive soundtrack, in contrast to other AI music editors.

With a premium music collection and potent AI editing features, it is one of the most adaptive generative music platforms available today.

Additionally, since everything you produce is 100% original to you, you won’t have to deal with bothersome copyright disputes. Create virtually endless variants of songs using music performed by actual musicians. Tuney provides you with everything you need to sync your freshly made tunes to your videos as the icing on top.

Simply select the “add to video” option to listen to the music for your video and determine whether it fits your artistic goals. You can download your finished soundtrack as an MP3, WAV, or ZIP file containing audio stems after you are happy with the result.

Even better, you may directly download the MP4 video file from the platform with the music precisely matched to your film!

How It Tuney Lifetime Deal Work?

Tuney collects music from brilliant musicians all over the world so you can quickly and easily design your own customised soundtrack for any project. You may easily customize any music to meet your video material because it’s simple to modify the intro length and beat drop.

To make sure that the audio is in sync with the action on the screen, use the slider to move a track’s “peak” along the video timeline. The music will intensify in time with the activity on the screen when the beat drop slider is moved.

Tuney makes it simple to produce several variations of every created music, ensuring that the soundtracks for your projects have a consistent feel. You will not have to worry about strange silences or annoying auto-looping in your films because you may customize the track length from 15 seconds to five minutes.

This is really helpful for marketers and content producers that turn long-form films into bite-sized postings for Instagram or TikTok.


Before you download your music as an MP3, WAV, or ZIP file from Tuney, you can check out your track against your video.

To create an original song for your video content, you should not need to be a musical prodigy. Tuney’s hybrid method makes use of generative AI to enable you to quickly create original songs that you can seamlessly synchronize with your films.

Quickly create your own soundtrack.

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