($59) UIlicious Lifetime Deal AppSumo: Automated Web Testing Tool

Check your web testing with a low-code, intuitive platform. Continuously testing your site can feel like doing the same task for ages. If you want to run or work your site across browsers and different screen resolutions, writing that kind of coding can be a tough nut to crack. UIlicious is a tool that can help you with automating web testing user journeys across browsers.

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UIlicious Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What is UIlicious Lifetime Deal & How it works?

It is a low-code tool that helps you test user journeys for your website and examine results across browsers. To check your website and product workflow you can schedule automated tests and verify specific user journeys.

Here you can check tests on different browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. You can also check it on different screen sizes like mobile or desktop. And the best thing is that you can run tests across 11 different regions across the globe, including the United States, Japan, and Germany.

The test language is designed in an easy and user-friendly way for non-coders, so you don’t need to know HTML language. You can work without having any knowledge skills. Just write a user story and UIlicious powerful tool will automatically figure out what you mean.

And just because you are writing tests that are easy to read and maintain, you can spend time in writing the best test to get the best for your business.

What UIlicious Can Do?

You have to write only user journey tests and UIlicious can handle the rest of the thing. This tool also helps to remove bugs with comprehensive test reports. Here you can get a unique URL of failed tests that contains all the information developers need. 

All these reports contain screenshots, test data, and documented timestamps of the testing process. If you want to download results for safekeeping purposes. You can easily export files in PDF, JSON, and CSV, or as a ZIP file of PNG images.

You will get test reports with timestamps, test data, and screenshots, so your team can identify issues at a glance. It helps you hook tests up to your deployment pipeline to make sure that bugs are caught immediately.

You can put up alerts to receive notifications about errors through email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or chat applications via webhooks. Since this platform is easy to use, so your whole team can work together to improve your website’s user experience and customer journeys.


Dynamically running multiple tests might be a pleasure to get the best result for your website. Ullicious makes it easy for you by tests seamlessly, monitoring closely, and communicating issues with your team even you are not a coding expert. 

UIlicious Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($59) Tier 1 ($119) Tier 1 ($199)
1 user(s)5 user(s)15 user(s)
2 concurrencies4 concurrencies concurrencies
10 testing regions (geolocation testing) 10 testing regions (geolocation testing) 10 testing regions (geolocation testing)

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