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Increase your search ranking visibility by automating the structured data of your web content. In structure format data is coded in a specific format that makes it easier for a search engine to understand it better and present it to the user in a rich snippet format.

We already know the struggle behind a WordPress website. When you created metadata for any website keep in mind to create a healthy meta description to boost your website ranking. And writing meta for every webpage of your website is a must. 

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uSchema Lifetime Deal Appsumo

uSchema Lifetime Deal (Features)

To make this thing easy uSchema is a platform where you can automatically sort and organize your webpages, so you can get your rankings up and get people clicking.

uSchema is a WordPress plugin that allows you to automatically create business-friendly web pages’ metadata and schema to improve website traffic without any knowledge of coding.

Here you can automate schema markup to improve the ranking of your website in SERP. This tool automatically detects webpage content more accurately, if your URL is hosting a recipe, article, product, multimedia content, or any other.

All you need to do is follow a couple of easy steps to get your metadata for your existing and future posts and categorize content for your future success of a website.

Here you can easily create schemas for posts, pages, and more. With a quick setup wizard, you can add sitewide schema for better organization of your webpages, like About, Contact Us, and other content types that relate to your website.

To get automated markup of your site you can use already made simple schema items and then map existing pages’ metadata. Also, you can select the special pages for which you want schema feature to choose whether to include or exclude schema.

You can integrate uSchema with any theme or plugin that meets WordPress requirements including apps like WooCommerce, ACF, Pods, Metabox, and Toolset.

You can also add some custom fields according to your website suitability and display these fields on the front end of your website. So you don’t need to install or add separate plugins. 

With install plugins you don’t need to do anything separately it automatically follows a Google-recommended embedding style that maintains webpages speed, so your site always meets informative structured data testing tools that your site needed. Once you have done configuring schema, you never have to touch schema settings again.  

Don’t let down your search engine ranking down!

uSchema Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

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