($69) WebTotem Lifetime Deal AppSumo: Website Monitoring & Defense

WebTotem is a WordPress plugin that is designed to protect business web pages from growing cyber threats and monitor their security 24/7. Using this software will help keep your company data and web pages secure by monitoring incoming traffic. It prevents attackers from accessing your site in less time to avoid getting stuck in fake traffic.

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What is WebTotem & How It Works?

WebTotem powerful plugin to easily and flexibly secure and manage your website in one place.It is the best plugin for website owners who need reliable applications to ensure that their websites are safe from hackers.

Webtoteam checks your SSL certificate to make sure that your web pages are working properly. It also helps to keep your website secure.

This app has an intelligent proactive protection function that can protect against any kind of cyber intrusion based on AI herd immunity. It monitors the filtering of traffic to your site and prevents redirects from accessing your information.

It provides 24/7 Protection. It provides an attack report that shows Hackers IP Addresses and other important information about hackers like time and place of origin so that you can take proactive action against these attacks.

Its AI heart immunity feature improves firewalls after each attack and has the potential to increase knowledge and reduce erroneous decisions by sharing information about attacks between websites.

Its antivirus is powered by machine learning machines and scans your files and removes malware. This includes enhancing the overall health and reputation of your site and server source.

This app is perfect for team collaboration. You can add up to two peers and monitor your website at the same time. Also, there are White Label Reports that send branded reports with the company logo to the customers.

Save time and money by protecting your own website. All you need to do is add the website to the dashboard to install the software and enable security. This platform is an ideal solution for small businesses and solution partners. The firewall in the Webtoteam app ensures adequate protection against new threats and intrusions. And its built-in server-side scanner can disable malware with just one click.

It gives Real-time notifications for newly changed and deleted files. In addition, WebTotem can also detect obsolete third-party components with known vulnerabilities. It also allows you to remotely control the security using an Android application.

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