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Minimize the number of changes made to live websites by using a collaborative feedback system. A website’s development or even makeover of website is frequently a time-consuming procedure that is hampered by an excessive number of modifications.

Webvizio is a tool that allows your team to handle projects without any problem to review websites, and provide helpful feedback. Utilizing desktop and mobile devices, make changes immediately to your team’s live website.

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Webvizio Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Webvizio Lifetime Deal Can Do?

To immediately pin comments on the page elements that need to be changed, use Task Mode. With Webvizio, you can work together with your complete team on an unlimited number of projects with multiple pages in a single account.

By including them in your account, invite team members, independent contractors, and clients to provide comments on particular projects. Fellow employees may view a complete overview of the team’s activities and advancement while you can designate user responsibilities including project manager, assignee, spectator, and guest.

Trello is supported by Webvizio, and interfaces with Clickup, Asana, and Jira are all in the works. This implies that you may increase productivity and manage team feedback on a single platform. Using the integrated project dashboards, productivity reports, and activity logs, you can also manage everyone’s tasks.

Moreover, you’ll receive email notifications or platform-based notifications regarding the development of your team in real-time. This will make it simple for you to monitor your team’s progress on any project, including problem patches, copy edits, and design improvements.

How It Webvizio Lifetime Deal Work?

With tools that let you provide useful feedback directly on multiple webpages. This tool makes it easier for you to work together on website updates. You may provide comments on any live website project right from your PC with Webvizio.

Users can create an exact copy of a website within the platform and add tasks to any interface elements using URL-based projects. To keep all of your team’s changes in one place, you may pin comments regarding the design, copy, or any issues straight on that webpage.

To begin editing the website inside the Webvizio dashboard, enter the URL of your project. For a clear sight of the original webpage or to examine your comments, you can switch between two editing modes without any worry.

To make sure that everyone on your team knows exactly what to work on, just choose Task Mode to pin jobs that have assigned users, descriptions, and priority levels. Your team can review the original version at any moment by opening the Browse Mode, which lets you browse the webpage without any markups.


With features that enable real-time team collaboration, the sharing of actionable comments, and the monitoring of overall productivity, Webvizio accelerates website modifications.

Create websites more quickly.

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