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Making your own show notes is the last thing you want to do after hosting an incredibly entertaining podcast. The truth is that your podcast is a treasure trove of repurposed content, but to fully benefit from it, it takes hours to convert the audio into written content.

Would you like to have an AI-powered tool that could quickly and easily transcribe and repurpose your audio content? Utilise your audio transcription to create summaries, show notes, social media postings, and other unique material. In just a few minutes, transcribing audio in more than 50 languages.

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WhisperTranscribe Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What WhisperTranscribe Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Transcribing audio from more than 50 languages is possible, and you can easily correct any uncommon or difficult words in spelling. Obtain a precise transcription of your audio, featuring time stamps so you can navigate to any specific segment of the recording with a click.

Additionally, you may access any conversation point by simply typing a few phrases into the search bar because your transcripts are fully searchable. Any line in your transcript can be edited to increase accuracy for difficult words or spelling in the language of your choice.

When you are done, export your transcript as subtitles so that viewers who prefer to read along with their videos can see it on YouTube or other websites.  Obtain incredibly accurate transcripts that you can amend, search, and export as subtitles with ease.

Depending on your system, WhisperTranscribe allows you to add your own media via a file upload, YouTube link, or even live recording. Moreover, you can access over 2 million podcasts directly from this site by just typing your search term into the search field.

In this manner, you will be able to turn podcast transcriptions of other people into text postings that may be shared on social media, your blog, and email.

How It WhisperTranscribe Lifetime Deal Work?

With the help of an intelligent transcription technology called WhisperTranscribe, audio may be transformed into written material for websites or blogs.With just an upload of your audio file, WhisperTranscribe’s AI technology can convert any audio into a variety of textual content formats in a matter of minutes.

Access to episode titles, show notes, and an automatically created synopsis are all yours to utilise in your podcast description. This software is incredibly versatile and can even produce blogs, social media postings, and newsletters for you to distribute.

You can configure personalised prompts for additional use cases, telling the AI what written information you require to be created from your audio. Take advantage of automatically generated blog articles, show notes, titles, summaries, and more from your audio.

WhisperTranscribe may be used to create content in more than 50 languages, so you can reach a global audience. In addition, by changing the default language in the settings menu, you can increase the accuracy of your transcriptions.

Likewise, you will have the option to provide custom spellings to names, locations, and other proper nouns that the AI could miss.

At Last

Record live audio or upload files to contribute unpublished audio, or transcribe audio from podcasts and YouTube videos.

It’s simple to interact with your superfans without having to start from scratch if you have the correct content creation tools.WhisperTranscribe can help you improve your podcasts and turn them into interesting text posts by using AI transcription and content creation.

Make the most of your sounds.

WhisperTranscribe Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($49)Tier 2 ($149)
150 transcription minutes per month750 transcription minutes per month
Unlimited content generationUnlimited content generation
Unlimited showsUnlimited shows

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