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Wimo is a trading platform that harnesses the collective wisdom of the crowd to demystify the real-world events that matter to you. Here user can use their knowledge and skills with a simple Yes or No format. It offers a trading opportunity to analyze trends, set a price for their opinions, and trade on their opinions. 

How To Download Wimo App?

You can download Wimo from its official website. Open the website and enter your mobile number. Then you will receive a link to that number. Click on this link and download the Wimo application. After downloading this app, complete the Sign Up process by entering the required details.

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Signup Bonus5-15Rs

Why Wimo App?

If you are good at detecting patterns, then wimo allows you to analyze events and form opinions. And the procedure of the recognition form includes matching the new information received with the information we already have. Predict and expect what is coming. In Wimo, you can also trade opinions on future events.

Added Features for Better User Experience-

  • Save Favorite Events to trade later.
  • Make a Portfolio to save trade, analyze, view trends and make a good option.
  • Cancel and Updated any trade.
  • Customer Support.

How To Share Opinions And Earn?

Wimo is a platform that allows you to analyze trends, form your opinions and earn real money. Here’s are a few steps you need to follow-

  • First of all, select an event that you want to analyze and pick out the outcomes in terms of Yes or No.
  • Set your Price- Once you have set price money then Wimo matches your opinion with opposing opinions. 
  • Wait for event Outcome- Once the event outcome is declared, Wimo settles your positions. You can earn for every correct position you hold. You will get a winning notification.

Wimo Events & Trade Topics

Wimo allows you to choose various events across different categories like Covid-19, world events, economics, Entertainment, Science and Technology, Politics, and Sports. All the events listed by Wimo. This platform does not cover topics that are restricted by Indian laws like stock prices, fuel prices, and commodities.

How To Invest In Wimo Trade?

The Maximum value of an individual Yes/No position is Rs 9.5/- and the minimum value is Rs 0.5/- And total profit will depend on the no of positions matched in the event. You can also cancel and update unmatched positions.

You can be closing the positions in two ways – Event Settlement and Sell.

Event Settlement – Simple way to earn money hold the position until the event close. Once the event settles you will automatically get money for the correct position.

Sell- If you want to sell your position before the event closed to minimize the loses. Then you can sell order. 

Wimo Money Deposit

Wimo allows recharge of Min Rs 10/- and Max Rs 25,000/- per transaction. Added cash will reflect in wimo wallet immediately. And there are no extra charges for adding money to your account.  You can add money through Debits/Credits Cards and UPI. 

How To Withdraw Money from Wimo App?

  • Go to your Profile.
  • Click on Withdraw earnings. 
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Choose the Bank and UPI option.
  • Hit the withdraw button. The withdrawal amount will be credited to your bank account instantly. 
  • You can withdraw a minimum of Rs 100/- and a Maximum of Rs 10,000/- per day.

How to Refer on Wimo?

  • Open The refer and earn section in the application.
  • There you will get a unique shareable link. 
  • Share this link with your friends. You and your friend both will get benefits.
  • You and your friend both will earn 3 days of 100% commission-free trading.
  • There is no limit to referring to your connections.

Customer Support

To solve your queries and doubts Wimo Customer Care Support is for you. Whatever your doubt is you can talk with customer support. Here are the contact details.

Final Words-

So, why are you holding back? Download the Wimo app and start making money online just by predication. Hope, your all questions are cleared now. Still, if you have any queries and question marks then you can ask them in the comment section below. Share this article with your connections.

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