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Create your own online course and integrate a chatbot to assist distant learners. Since most learning management systems have restrictions on how you may monitor student progress, you are unable to improve participation in or completion rates for classes.

Imagine being able to utilize a chabot to supervise pupils as they navigate your online curriculum and track their progress. Create remote lessons for mobile devices using an easy drag-and-drop lesson builder.

In order to stop content from being shared or downloaded without authorization, use the built-in content protection tool. With the help of WinWinBot, a chatbot builder, you can develop interactive online courses and monitor student progress to increase completion rates.

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WinWinBot Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What WinWinBot Lifetime Deal Can Do?

You may assist kids with their homework while they are on the go thanks to WinWinBot’s mobile-friendly user interface. The best part is that WinWinBot comes with integrated content protection that stops your materials from being downloaded or shared without your consent.

Instead of repeatedly delivering the same reply, create an automated series of messages that are delivered in a specific order. You may also use the chatbot to provide each student personalised, one-on-one feedback.

Additionally, even when you aren’t available, students can readily access the materials they require because bots can follow interactive scripts based on users’ reactions. Use the built-in content protection tools to prevent downloads of your content.

Your education will be more enjoyable and engaging if you use WinWinBot to launch tests and quizzes with time constraints and gamification features. Through pretests, the chatbot can determine each student’s competence level and the learning curve required to complete the session.

Create knowledge tests, use a variety of scoring schemes, and only provide access to the subsequent lesson after it has been finished. Additionally, you can use several scenarios based on the students’ responses or include a time limit to make the test more challenging.

How It WinWinBot Lifetime Deal Work?

You can use WinWinBot to develop your own chatbot and have voice or text conversations with pupils. Create engaging courses with the help of the user-friendly drag-and-drop builder without having to set up connectors with other platforms.

From a single handy interface, you’ll be able to send and access instructional content like dialogues, longreads, and courses. In order to make it simple for students and subscribers to access your instructional materials, you can compile them into a course curriculum.

Using a chatbot similar to Facebook Messenger, course creators can manage and communicate with students. WinWinBot offers a mobile-friendly interface that makes it simple to monitor student progress and direct them as they complete their assignments.

Deliver long texts, articles, and courses using templates with lively graphics that entice students to read them from beginning to end. Document management will be a snap because you’ll be able to generate and accept homework as well as view all previous assignments.

The dashboard of WinWinBot allows you to watch videos, webinars, stores, premium subscriptions, and proposals, so you can stop managing multiple files across several platforms.


You may boost students’ learning without worry by using WinWinBot to help you construct interactive online courses and communicate with students directly.

Make contact easy with distant students.

WinWinBot Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

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