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WP-Stack is an all-in-one website management dashboard designed to streamline your WordPress experience. Take control of multiple WordPress sites, automate tasks, and optimize site performance effortlessly.

Simplify your workflow and elevate your WordPress management with WP-Stack. Try it today and unlock a new level of efficiency and productivity.

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WP-Stack Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What WP-Stack Lifetime Deal Can Do?

With WP-Stack, publishing content from Google Docs or Word documents to your WordPress sites becomes a breeze, requiring just a few clicks.

The bulk publishing feature saves you precious time, eliminating the need for copy-pasting content or manual formatting on your site.

Enjoy the convenience of setting your featured image, categories, tags, and SEO information even before you hit the publish button.

And that’s not all – you can effortlessly schedule posts to be published on your sites and social media platforms by simply dragging and dropping posts onto the calendar.

Experience seamless content management and time-saving efficiency with WP-Stack, revolutionizing the way you handle your WordPress sites.

Elevate your productivity and effortlessly manage your content like never before. Try WP-Stack now and embrace the power of simplified publishing!

With WP-Stack, you gain the advantage of real-time tracking for all website actions, providing a comprehensive record of every change made and when it occurred.

This invaluable feature allows for efficient troubleshooting of potential issues, such as identifying a faulty plugin edit or determining the cause of a significant site error.

The ability to set up notifications for server issues ensures that you’re promptly informed about any suspicious activity, enabling quick action to safeguard your website’s integrity and security.

Experience peace of mind and enhanced website management with WP-Stack’s advanced tracking and notification system. 

How It WP-Stack Lifetime Deal Work?

With WP-Stack’s built-in auditing tool, conducting a comprehensive technical audit of all your websites is now a matter of seconds. Discover and address a wide range of technical issues across web pages, including broken links, missing images, and even duplicate content.

Knowing the areas that require improvement allows you to focus your efforts on enhancing these aspects, resulting in a significant boost to your site’s technical SEO. Uncover hidden opportunities for optimization and elevate your website’s performance with ease.

WP-Stack offers the ultimate convenience by providing you with a comprehensive view of both mobile and desktop performance across all your websites, including Core Web Vitals and Lighthouse scores.

With a simple click, access PageSpeed Insights reports for each site, gaining valuable insights into Google’s suggestions to optimize your specific site experience.

The integration with Google Search Console allows you to access your search insights conveniently in one centralized location, streamlining your website analytics process.

Moreover, WP-Stack monitors SSL and domain information diligently, ensuring that you never miss your renewal deadline. Receive timely alerts, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on more critical aspects of your website management.

With WP-Stack, you have everything you need to effectively manage, secure, and optimize all your WordPress sites, all within a single, user-friendly dashboard.

Say goodbye to juggling multiple platforms and tools – WP-Stack provides a centralized hub to streamline your website management tasks.


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WP-Stack Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($49) Tier 2 ($98) Tier 3 ($147)
All features above includedAll features above includedAll features above included
website(s)website(s)18 website(s)

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