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wpDataTables is a premium WordPress plugin that simplifies the process of creating tables, graphs, and charts for your WordPress pages. wpDataTables is a one-click install, which means you can get started creating tables in seconds.

The plugin comes with a rich set of features that are perfect for web content managers, website owners, and content creators.

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wpDataTables Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What wpDataTables Can Do?

wpDataTables is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you create beautiful responsive tables, graphs, and charts without any programming knowledge or design skills. It’s the perfect way to display data visually on your WordPress site without having to rely on complicated programming or design workflows. All you need to get started is a WordPress site.

Data tables and charts are a great way to display data and make it easier to visualize information. WordPress has a robust library of data table plugins, including the popular wpDataTables plugin that allows you to create complex layouts with minimum effort. All you have to do is provide the data and wpDataTables does the rest, creating a beautiful table for you

wpDataTables is a premium plugin which allows you to create simple tables in WordPress that are 100% functional and look great on all devices, from mobile phones to desktops.

wpDataTable plugin is ideal for when you want to create a simple, data-driven table. It provides all of the basic features you expect in a table, like the ability to format the rows and columns, conditional formatting, and text alignment.

But it also has some advanced features like responsive design, which means that the table will resize itself to fit any size screen, and multi-criteria filtering, which allows you to filter your data according to more than one condition. You can use these advanced features however you want, then simply publish the table on your post or page.

wpDataTables is the next generation in database driven WordPress tables. All data can be easily integrated into WordPress database tables. The plugin supports MySQL query and JSON, Google Sheets, PHP arrays, XML and RSS input sources.

Manage all your data online with the help of wpDataTables. Once you’ve set up your Google Sheets integration, you can create tables from new or previously published and shared spreadsheets.

It’s extremely flexible and easy to use both for end-users and developer. Just create or edit your tables in the WordPress back end, then they will be available on the front-end just like any other content.

With wpDataTables’ advanced features you can use built-in conditional formatting rules to display values in your cells or form-based columns

It makes easy to display your data in tables and charts. This plugin provides a wide array of tools for you to use content grouping, conditional formatting, table hierarchies, advanced filtering, and more.

wpDataTables is the best solution for your WordPress data tables, whether you are a business that wants to present information, an admin that needs to show a report to users or a freelancer looking for an easy way to showcase data on their site.

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