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In a sea of haphazard posts and fads, it is challenging to expand your brand community. Regardless of the number of followers you have, you are unable to properly manage discussions, hold events, sell items, or organize resources due to the noise on social media platforms.

What if there was a platform that enabled you to easily establish and oversee your private online community from a single location? Organize resources, communicate with members, sell digital goods online, host free or paid events, and more. Allow users to interact, exchange ideas, and connect on your own forum.

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Wylo Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Wylo Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Organize both paid and free community events to interact with your clients. With Wylo, you can create your own digital store and sell digital goods including software, ebooks, music, videos, and artwork.

After a successful purchase, you may set up instantaneous, secure downloads of your digital goods because of the integrated payment processing.

You can also include a direct link to your hosting platform behind the paywall if you would prefer to maintain your content hosted on a different site. Selling digital goods will allow you to make money off of your community.

The best part is that you may enable direct, instant messaging between users during group and one-on-one discussions. Text, emoticons, and multimedia files like GIFs and movies can all be used in the chat feature to have interesting and entertaining discussions.

Additionally, users can complain, mute, and block anyone they would prefer not to communicate with, making your chat room a secure environment.

How It Wylo Lifetime Deal Work?

With Wylo, a community-building tool, you can create and oversee private online groups to expand your brand. Using Wylo, you can quickly set up an online forum where users may interact, exchange content, and have debates.

Your members can add pertinent content to their discussions because the forum allows for the uploading of multimedia files, including text, polls, photos, and videos.

To further help organize the online debate, you will also be able to create public and limited channels devoted to particular subjects.

Sophisticated moderation features, such as reporting, blocking, and other admin capabilities, let you control what happens. Create an internet forum where people may talk about anything.

Wylo is ideal for online conferences, webinars, cohort courses, meetings, and webinars since it makes it simple to host both free and commercial events.

Create event pages with all the specifics, such as guest restrictions, payment options, and locations, and then distribute all the information via a single link.

The platform will automatically contact all registered guests, so you do not have to worry about no-shows. This will help everyone remember your event.

At Last

Allow users to interact with one another in intensely interactive group conversations.

Building a community on sporadic social media sites is like attempting to have a single email, DM, and SMS discussion.

Fortunately, Wylo provides all the tools you need to run active online communities complete with message boards, events, digital shops, and instant messaging.

Make a place for yourself.

Wylo Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($59)Tier 2 ($159)Tier 3 ($299)
2,000 members25,000 membersUnlimited members
3 collection folders5 collection folders20 collection folders
10,000 email limit per month25,000 email limit per month75,000 email limit per month

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