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It seems like you need an endless supply of software to manage every aspect of running a business. This is due to the fact that you are expected to be a superstar salesperson, an accountant, a payroll specialist, and a tax expert with everything under control.

Consider switching to a cloud-based business management suite that is designed to handle all of your essential business demands.Utilise the integrated POS to accept cash, debit, and credit cards for physical stores by integrating with Stripe and PayPal.

Access 15+ modules, such as billing, customer service, inventory management, CRM, accounting, and others, for managing SMBs.

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Accurants Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Accurants Lifetime Deal Can Do?

From the same dashboard, keep track of all your invoices, paid and unpaid. Additionally, Accurants’ POS app, which is available for iOS and Android smartphones, allows you to monitor sales from physical stores.

Since the POS and Inventory modules are integrated, it is simple to manage physical goods in a single step. Even better, you will be able to accept credit or debit card payments with Stripe, giving your consumers more payment options. Make use of the POS module to accept cash or credit card payments at your brick and mortar location.

You can accept customer support tickets without needing to pay for a separate monthly membership because of the accurants Helpdesk module. Setting up email notifications for support tickets can enable your staff to monitor customer issues and cut down on turnover.

Likewise, you can export these support tickets as Excel, Word, or PDF files for internal review by your support and development teams.

How It Accurants Lifetime Deal Work?

With Accurants, you can manage everything from time tracking to payroll and more. Accurants is a company management suite designed for SMBs.

You can manage all aspect of your SMB with Accurants, including payroll, project management, expenditure monitoring, and time tracking.

By synchronising your data between modules, you may stop manually inputting the same information repeatedly. Additionally, you can cancel your Mailchimp subscription because this tool allows you to communicate with clients via email marketing and CRM modules.

Utilize more than fifteen modules, such as time tracking and payroll, to manage your company.You can produce and track invoices with accurants from a single dashboard, allowing you to keep track of what has been paid and what is still owed.

You may create recurring weekly, monthly, or yearly bills for your clients—ideal for subscription-based services!

Invoices can even be sent through email using this platform, saving you from having to physically contact customers every time a payment is due.

Additionally, you can integrate with Stripe and PayPal to enable direct email payment from your consumers.

At Last

With the help of email notifications and your dashboard, keep track of customer support tickets. It feels so liberating to close all the apps and tabs you use to conduct your business. 

Because of this, accurants is brimming with all the tools you could possibly need for billing, inventory control, customer service, and so much more.

Manage your SMB with elegance.

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