($69)ACE Meetings Lifetime Deal AppSumo

ACE Meetings is an online appointment scheduling platform that allows you to earn rewards coins as you schedule appointments and manage calls.

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ACE Meetings Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What ACE Meetings Lifetime Deal Can Do?

ACE Meetings makes scheduling meetings easy with a simple setup page, so you never have to play email tag again. With just a few minutes of effort, you can customize your availability preferences, such as adding buffers between calls and selecting different durations.

Moreover, you’ll be able to mark your preferred meeting times–even if your calendar is open all day long—and let guests know when they’d prefer to meet with you. 

Your Google calendar or Office 365 calendars can even be synced so you won’t have to worry about double bookings on different accounts.

The URL generated by ACE Meetings will take your customers directly to your booking page, regardless of whether you share it directly or embed it on your website.

You can incorporate mandatory questions into the booking page so guests can share their reasons for meeting and you are fully prepared when you join the call.

Moreover, you can customize your booking page’s color scheme, logo, and description to fit your business’s branding.

It is also possible to establish separate booking pages for different types of meetings, like demos, partnerships, sales, and personal calls, so you can differentiate between them.

How It ACE Meetings Lifetime Deal Work?

You can hold one-on-one calls, round robin meetings, and group meetings with ACE Meetings.

All attendees receive a link to the video conference as soon as they book the call. The call is automatically added to your synced calendars and the event is automatically added to your synced calendars.

Moreover, you are able to send automated email reminders to all invitees prior to the call to help reduce no-shows.

When you need to reschedule, you can do so directly in the ACE Meetings platform. From one streamlined dashboard, you can instantly view all of your meeting types, scheduled calls, and past events.

The best thing about ACE Meetings is that it is also the only online scheduling tool that offers reward coins for each action that you complete on the platform

You can use ACE coins for perks in-app and even participate in ACE’s governance.

When a team member completes an action, like booking a call or referring a friend, you’ll benefit from your account, which supports multiple users.

It makes sense to manually schedule online meetings, just as it does to direct mail to prospects.

By using ACE Meetings, you can close more deals by using a simple online platform that makes scheduling your meetings easy for you and your attendees.


Hope you got all details about ACE Meetings if you have any query or doubt you can ask in the comment box.

ACE Meetings Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

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