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Get the best keywords for YouTube ads with AI. All your work done can be and efforts are not going worth if you don’t choose right keywords for your YouTube video. It always gets more difficult when it comes to research to determine which keywords are worthwhile because standard SEO tools aren’t designed for YouTube.

KeywordSearch allows you to utilize AI to quickly extract thorough keyword data from YouTube so you could create campaigns that increase ROI. Search high ranking keywords, Popular YouTube channels, and video placements for your ad campaigns.

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KeywordSearch Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What KeywordSearch Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Find keywords that are connected with the ones you’re seeking and save them all at once to custom collections. You can use Keyword Search to access competitive insights that can help you improve your own YouTube ad campaign.

Track the keyword and ad spending histories of other advertisers in your vertical by using the platform’s huge library of YouTube commercials. You can browse all the top-ranking YouTube advertisements for particular keywords or target markets by performing a quick search.

Additionally, you will be able to quickly add the entire list of keywords that your competitors are using to their collections. You won’t have to spend hours on tedious research because KeywordSearch makes it simple to identify the best video placements and keep track of competitor feeds.

You may find YouTube ad video locations that increase your ROI for any given keyword. Scroll endlessly through a never-ending stream of top-ranked videos to find the ones you want, then copy and paste any link into your upcoming ad placement campaign.

Moreover, you will be able to connect Keyword Search to all of your preferred apps and expedite your research workflows with the help of the Zapier integration.

How It KeywordSearch Lifetime Deal Work?

KeywordSearch is a collection of AI tools that enables you to search popular YouTube terms, videos, channels, and adverts. Now you can develop your YouTube channel by using AI to find highly-ranked, laser-targeted keywords on YouTube.

You may use Keyword Search to crawl YouTube for useful keywords, video positions, and other useful information that will strengthen your YouTube approach. You just need to enter a keyword that you want to target to make a list of LSI keywords and get the details insights for every keyword.

In this way, you’ll be able to determine the level of popularity of particular keywords, identify trends, and find keyword chances that’ll help you stand out on the platform. Analyze popular YouTube keywords and explore useful information such as search keyword volume and trends.

To find keywords that are similar to the ones you’re searching, such as words and phrases that relate to specific topics, Keyword Search employs natural language processing models. To add keywords to your clipboard for fast addition to your YouTube tags, view similarity scores for each keyword, choose the ones you want, and copy them.

You can quickly create, export, and add to collections from any screen, whether you’re looking up keywords or researching competitors. You can group data into specific groupings and carry out mass research by saving your preferred results in bespoke collections.


With the help of the KeywordSearch you can focus on optimising your YouTube strategy, whether you’re expanding your channel or running advertisements, Keyword Search handles the keyword research process.

Make an impact on YouTube.

KeywordSearch Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

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