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Have one platform to manage subscriptions, billing, collections, and automated reconciliation. When you’re constantly hunting down unpaid invoices and catching up on your accounts receivable, scaling your business is difficult.

Blixo is a tool that helps you examine your invoices, collect payments, and follow up with subscribers. Manage all your recurring billing and invoices using one single platform only. Create a personalized customer portal so that your clients may make payments for bills or monitor their subscriptions.

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Blixo Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Blixo Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Create triggers to send emails, texts, or phone calls to follow up on bills and stop late payments. You may create personalised signup pages using Blixo, which streamlines the application process.

You may create periodic bills for subscribers and receive payments anywhere thanks to flexible subscription management. Customers can auto-update expired credit cards, auto-retry unsuccessful payments, or proceed regardless of refused charges if a payment fails due to outdated information.

You can get a review of a customer’s subscription information, including their history, status, forthcoming invoices, and payment conditions. To keep track of every payment or invoice, check out customer subscription information. So that you may process payments more quickly, match payments to the correct customer invoice.

Through the customer portal, customers can select their preferred payment options, see payment history, and manage subscriptions to provide more user friendly and smooth experience to all users. There is no coding knowledge or additional setup procedures are needed for the portal to function flawlessly across many platforms.

How It Blixo Lifetime Deal Work?

Blixo improves your billing, collections, and reconciliation procedures so you can get paid faster. With this platform, you can instantly create and send one-time or recurring invoices with prepopulated items like goods and services.

You can keep track of when invoices are opened and automatically bill clients using the payment method of their choice. You’ll be able to send reminders and control both electronic and manual payments with the help of Blixo’s automated solutions.

Additionally, using the branded customer site, it is simple to adjust payment terms, figure taxes, and apply discounts. Create exact invoices and follow up with clients to remind them to pay before the due date. In order to make managing late payments more pleasant, Blixo also enables you to send your customers cordial follow-ups. 

You can combine payments and avoid delinquencies using the Collections AI tool, giving you more time to concentrate on other responsibilities. To keep the flow of cash going, the programme may also resolve disagreements and permit partial payments. Additionally, you can accommodate customers from the US or other countries by accepting credit or debit cards, wire transfers, and any other major payment methods.


Create conditional rules to match payments to the appropriate invoices automatically with Blixo application. You can fully automate the payment process with Blixo, from reminding customers to receiving payments from anywhere. Hope you get all the information about Blixo application. Still if you have any question you can ask in the comment box below.

Receive your payments the way you want in terms.

Blixo Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

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