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Gleap is a developer tool that enables you fix bugs faster. It finds defects more quickly and collect customer feedback to improve product features. It’s a diagnostic and feedback tool that helps you make better decisions faster.

Gleap helps you get to the root cause of a bug or a problem, and provide clear direction to fix it. It also helps you build your product features with a minimum of stakeholder friction.

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Gleap Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Gleap Lifetime Deal Can Do?

When a bug appears in your software, you want to find it and fix it as quickly as possible. But sometimes you need more context to understand the full scope of the issue. With Gleap, you can turn your bug report into a visual representation that shows you where the line of code is broken and where it is supposed to be, along with a list of potential causes and solutions. This lets you pinpoint the exact location of the issue, and fix it faster than if you had just read the code.

Gleap can be integrated into your product and is a game-changing solution that operates on both online and mobile platforms.

Gleap lets you capture interesting and valuable data points from your videos, then use that content to generate powerful insights. You can turn these insights into an engaging and comprehensive bug report, or even just follow up on your bug reports with other data points.

How It Gleap Lifetime Deal Work?

With the help of Gleap, you can quickly create a visual bug report that includes the video replay and photographs, allowing you to fix the issue and continue to conquer the remainder of your to-do list.

Gleap collects all the technical information, including the console and network logs for each issue as well as the operating system, device, and browser that were being used. In addition to finding bugs, this tool is loaded with integrations for well-known programmes like Slack, Jira, Zapier, and HubSpot, which will streamline your workflow in its entirety.

Using Gleap’s built-in menu options, or add your own commands and modify feedback flows to meet the specific requirements of your users.

With gleap, you will be able to send bug reports to your project management software in real time. To make sure that nothing slips through the cracks, you can also appoint team members to handle problems and reply to direct communications.

Gleap readily integrates with existing technologies, enabling you to create an entirely integrated development process. Create a fully branded experience that appears to be a logical extension of your website by customising the feedback widget’s look. Use Gleap’s built-in menu options, or add your own commands and modify feedback flows to meet the specific requirements of your users.

Best of all, Gleap makes it easy for your users to submit bug reports and suggestions. Gleap is the visual tool to help you find and fix bugs, so you can ship good products your customers actually use.


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Gleap Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

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