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You know that words alone are not always sufficient if you have ever attempted to read an instruction manual. If you could find a visual tool that was easy to set up, you could improve team communication.

Fortunately, you can swiftly sketch anything on an AI-powered collaborative whiteboard to quickly communicate ideas with your colleagues.

With generative AI, quickly create mind maps, diagrams, presentations, sticky notes, and more. Work together with more than 500 people at once on the same whiteboard, supporting mentions and comments on any element.

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Boardmix Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Boardmix Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Work together with as many as 500 individuals so that everyone can contribute. Many graphic forms are supported by Boardmix, including as flow charts, mind maps, sticky notes, and idea-capturing artwork.

With support for kanban boards, you will be able to arrange your work and ensure that everyone is aware of the status of each assignment.

In addition, this application comes with an extensive collection of resources, plug-ins, and templates that you may utilize to fit any possible use case. Savour a comprehensive toolkit that works with a variety of visual media.

The fact that Boardmix accepts a wide variety of file types makes it an excellent choice for a digital asset management platform.

A board allows you to post text, images, videos, and documents, providing you with a central repository for all of your project data and branding materials.

To share these files with anyone outside of your company, it is simple to embed your whiteboard onto a website or third-party programme.

How It Boardmix Lifetime Deal Work?

Boardmix is a powered by AI interactive whiteboard that facilitates visual idea expression for organisations looking to increase productivity and communication. Integrated AI that can assist with any kind of task will enhance your whiteboard sessions.

Using AI prompts, Boardmix helps you visualize your ideas and create flow charts, mind maps, graphics, and complete presentations in a matter of seconds.

You will also be able to make business decisions more quickly because you can construct user journey maps, SWOT analyses, and business model canvases for your sector or rivals.

Your whiteboard sessions will go more quickly if you use a strong AI assistance. With Boardmix, you may work in tandem with up to 500 individuals, which facilitates concept pitching for your team during brainstorming sessions.

To interact with one another and advance projects, users can add emoticons, mention teammates, and make comments. Over 1,000 users can watch content in real time on the site, giving you the opportunity to share your thoughts with an expanding number of distant viewers.

At Last

Utilize specific boards to upload, store, and distribute your digital assets.

It does not follow that you cannot communicate with your team efficiently just because you’re not a good doodler. Boardmix provides a collaborative whiteboard that facilitates idea sharing and fosters team innovation.

Assemble a cohesive team.

Boardmix Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($29)Tier 2 (99)Tier 3 ($199)
3 team members10 team members30 team members
1 Professional Team workspace1 Professional Team workspace1 Professional Team workspace
600 GB of Professional Team workspace capacity1.95 TB of Professional Team workspace capacity5.86 TB of Professional Team workspace capacity

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