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It is challenging enough to collaborate with external stakeholders without having to go between apps to complete tasks.

The truth is that you are squandering time on administrative labor rather than increasing your income because of all these disorganized duties, disjointed tools, and poorly managed client experiences.

If only there existed a client, collaboration solution that made it possible to create efficient team workflows and provide clients with excellent outcomes. Engage in dialogue with your team in internal workspaces to facilitate knowledge sharing and project management.

Work together to create branded client portals that are incredibly easy to use and designed to produce excellent results.

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FUSEBASE Lifetime Deal  Appsumo

What FUSEBASE Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Modify the colour scheme, select a theme, and add widgets to personalize your client portal. You can also design several project and knowledge management sites just for your team using FUSEBASE.

On a single dashboard, you will be able to see every assignment, manage your time, and filter tasks according to employees, labels, and due dates.

Furthermore, providing feedback for each element on a website and dragging and dropping pages into portals are both simple. To handle files for teams and clients, simply drag & drop pages to the appropriate folder.

You can make charts or tables with regular cells and items like ratings, attachments, and multiple selections using the real-time editor.

Additionally, you will not have to leave the platform to modify Google Sheets or Google Docs. For a seamless workflow, you can also interface with over 2,000 additional apps, like Figma, Airtable, and more.

How It FUSEBASE Lifetime Deal Work?

Using the client collaboration platform FUSEBASE, you can create workflows that help you better manage your staff and increase customer happiness and retention.

You may create portals using FUSEBASE that are customized to your brand identity to expedite project approvals, content, and communication.

An overview of all of your customers’ discussions, file sharing, feedback, and status updates will be provided to you. Additionally, clients do not need to register or remember passwords because they can access the site using Magic Links and security codes.

Construct a white-label platform that reflects your business identity so that working with clients and your team will be simple.

You will be able to add tasks, chats, and widgets from outside services into each workspace by creating a gateway. Customize the dashboard’s colours, themes, and widgets to add some flair to your workspace until you are happy with everything.

You can lock blocks to stop clients and coworkers from inadvertently erasing content, in addition to allowing comments.

At Last

The real-time editor in FUSEBASE allows you to add comments, update data, view tasks, and build tables.

If the Ikea instructions teach us anything, it’s that not everyone enjoys having to follow forty or more steps to construct a single item.

Fortunately, FUSEBASE offers branded portals, streamlined dashboards, and a real-time editor to assist you in creating and managing straightforward collaborative processes.

Perform better as a team.

FUSEBASE Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($79)Tier 2 ($158)Tier 3 ($237)
1 user(s)3 user(s)5 user(s)
50 workspaces100 workspaces200 workspaces
50 GB storage100 GB storage200 GB storage

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