($59) Bonfire Lifetime Deal AppSumo

Taking care of business on your own is challenging when you have to treat every customer like a VIP. Customers still require assistance and handholding to get through the checkout queue, even with an excellent product lineup.

Fortunately, there is a customer experience solution driven by AI that makes it simple to design tailored experiences that entice users to return. Create and train a chatbot on your inventory with ease to convert website visitors into leads around-the-clock.

Make customized shopping suggestions to assist potential customers in making more informed purchasing selections.

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Bonfire  Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Bonfire Lifetime Deal Can Do?

It is simple to train your bot to represent your company and upload your whole product list. Best of all, you may copy and paste a created code to embed your bot on your website.

Not a proficient programmer? Not to worry. To link your bot with website builders such as Squarespace, WordPress, and Wix, Bonfire provides you with detailed instructions.

In addition, the AI technology enables your bot to simulate human warmth and intellect, enabling it to have meaningful interactions with clients. Warmth is a tool your bot employs to interact with users and guide them towards more informed purchases.

More than just a chatbot, Bonfire is. The moment a visitor lands on your website, this potent lead generation tool is prepared to engage them. Your bot is able to offer customized purchasing recommendations since it is aware of each customer’s unique requirements and preferences.

This implies that you will be able to engage with potential clients, take advantage of conversion possibilities, and establish enduring bonds with them!

How It Bonfire Lifetime Deal Work?

Based on the individual tastes of its users, Bonfire is an AI-powered customer experience bot that provides tailored purchasing experiences. Starting with Bonfire is as simple as visiting the Prompt Studio and entering the name, functionality, and description of your bot.

This programme will create a bot customized for your store once you describe your objective, client assessment procedure, or sales sequence. In due course, this bot will assimilate your use case and even acquire the distinct voice of your company, enabling it to engage with each and every visitor to your website. You will be able to create a bot that complements your branding in a matter of minutes.

Bid farewell to entering your complete inventory by hand! Like *snaps* that, Bonfire synchronizes with your website and product inventories. When you upload your product list as a PDF, sitemap, website, or other kind of document, the AI will begin to learn about what you have to offer right away.

Additionally, you can feel secure knowing that your information is protected because it is all kept in a cloud-based storage system that complies with international security standards like SOC 2.

At Last

To increase sales, Bonfire allows your leads to communicate with a lead generating bot.

To find out what your customers want, you actually need to speak with them, unless you’re a mind reading. Fortunately, Bonfire can create a chatbot that engages users, makes tailored shopping recommendations, and closes more sales.

Provide a five-star level of client service.

Bonfire Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($59)Tier 2 ($159)Tier 3 ($299)
10 chatbots40 chatbots100 chatbots
2,000 message credits per month8,000 message credits per month15,000 message credits per month
4,000,000 character limit per chatbot6,000,000 character limit per chatbot8,000,000 character limit per chatbot

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