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As the return on advertising investment declines, you must come up with fresh ideas for boosting sales. Starting your own partnership programme might be the right step, but you run the risk of making a lot of mistakes if you try to handle everything by yourself.

If there was a platform that made it simple to create, oversee, and grow affiliate or referral networks with hundreds of partners, wouldn’t that be wonderful? Make your own referral or affiliate programmes with personalized tracking links, commissions, and other features.

Gain access to real-time performance metrics and white label the partner portal, including the dashboard and login pages.

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Partnero Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Partnero Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Everything in your partner portals, including the dashboard and login pages, is white labelled. Bid farewell to manually compensating your partners and welcome to partner payouts that consistently arrive on schedule.

You may use secure, quick, and affordable mass payments to automate distributions by integrating with PayPal Mass Pay or Wise Pay. Better more, you will have the ability to plan payouts on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and choose whether to automatically approve or evaluate requests.

Are you using a different CPU? To pay partners, Partnero will provide a downloadable file that you can upload to any processor. Integration is not necessary! To ensure that your partners are always paid on time, set up automated payouts.

With Partnero, tracking real-time analytics for your programmes is simple, allowing you to see what’s working and what needs to be adjusted. Get information on sign-ups, sales, and link clicks, as well as personalised reports for each distinct affiliate link.

In addition, if you are using many programmers, you may track the overall performance of your brands by viewing aggregated data from each programmer.

How It Partnero Lifetime Deal Work?

Partnero is a platform for managing partnerships that offers tailored partner programmes to assist companies grow their revenue over time. Create your own affiliate programmes and specify the terms and conditions for paying partners affiliate commissions.

You have the option to give commissions that are set or percentage-based, in any currency, and with a duration ranging from a few days to a lifetime. With Partnero, you may alter affiliate tracking URLs and cookie duration in addition to connecting a custom website.

It will also enable you to design referral programmes with unique durations, triggers, next steps, and reward systems. Create referral or affiliate programmes with personalised commissions, tracking links, and additional features!

With Partnero, you can add your brand’s colours and fonts to the partner portal white label, including the dashboard and login page. To greet and provide critical information, contact data, and next steps to new partners, set up an approval form and onboarding cards.

You can add links, banners, advertising materials, and anything else your partners might require for success. To keep them informed, your partners can also sign up for email notifications on new sign-ups, sales, and rewards.

At Last

Real-time programme statistics let you keep tabs on sign-ups, sales, and link clicks.

Direct referrals will always generate more revenue, even if your advertisements are at their best. Fortunately, Partnero comes with every tool you could possibly need for creating, overseeing, and growing your own affiliate or referral networks.

Make profitable alliances.

Partnero Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

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1 partnership programs10 partnership programs30 partnership programs
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