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By gathering verified emails through social media opt-in links, you can expand your email list. Nowadays, a huge number of websites allow users to sign in with just one click using their preferred social account. Why then can’t leads also enter your list in that manner?

Promote social APIs to create a smooth opt-in process and gather email addresses. Utilize QR codes to provide opt-in links both online and offline. Boost is an amazing tool for generating email lists that instantly generates opt-in links from social network APIs so you can get more leads.

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Boost Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Boost Lifetime Deal Can Do?

By integrating Boost with third-party applications like ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, GetResponse, and Zapier, you can start delivering emails to your contacts right away and automate campaigns. Additionally, HTML form integrations exist. It is simple to track opt-ins and set up campaigns because email addresses are gathered in the dashboard and synchronized with your associated apps.

View your opt-in stats quickly to learn how many people clicked, how many contacts were gathered, and other information. You can arrange your opt-in link to only permit opt-ins from one social network if you want to execute platform-specific social media campaigns.

For instance, you can choose Facebook as the social network login option if you wish to launch a Facebook campaign. When you publish about a new product or news on social media, you can also include your opt-in links there and watch as the opt-ins pour in.

Even if a landing page already has an opt-in form, you can still use Boost to take advantage of social media logins. To avoid having to create something from scratch, include a social sign-in button on your current pages and link it to your allocated Boost link. Lacking a landing page builder of your own? Create attractive landing pages with your opt-in links with Boost’s landing page builder and templates.

 Control of a client’s or clients’ email list? There too, Boost can be useful. Make accounts and login portals specifically for your clients that showcase their logo or the branding of your agency, and allow them access to all the information obtained by the links. You can manage several clients without losing track if you can quickly move between the client view and your own perspective.

How It Boost Lifetime Deal Work?

You want the world to know about your fantastic product, of course. With Boost, you can expand your mailing list without coding or time-consuming setup thanks to simple opt-in links.

With Boost, you can publish your opt-in links on landing pages, social media platforms, and even offline using a QR code. Once your site is operational, leads will be able to enter their confirmed email addresses with only one click.

It is annoying to have to repeatedly fill out forms and provide the same information. (Don’t make me remember another another password, please.) By allowing consumers to opt-in using their pre-existing social logins, Boost eliminates this step. Additionally, they’ll be more willing to divulge their knowledge if restrictions are removed.

It’s simple to make an opt-in link: Just enter your final destination URL into Boost and choose the social network (or social networks) you wish to use to gather email addresses. Your destination URL can be a link to your ebook’s download page or to a restricted area of your website that only contacts with opt-in access can access. Prospects can choose to continue using their preferred social account when requested, and then they will have opted in.


It can be difficult to grow your email list, and occasionally you need a boost. With social media APIs and simple-to-create opt-in buttons, start securing more verified email addresses.

Boost Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

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5,000 new leads monthly20,000 new leads monthly40,000 new leads monthly
10 branded domains30 branded domains60 branded domains

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