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Make stunning, high-quality document decks using predefined templates on a quick, user-friendly platform. However, you’ll have to spend hours creating slides, finding the appropriate photos, and striving to make everything appear great and align with your brand rather than practicing your arguments.

Avoid the subpar stock images, Comic Sans, and challenging download procedures. Get professional customizable templates together with intelligent document layouts with automatically adjusted elements and scaled text.

With simple sharing links, PPT and PDF exporting, custom domain features, and site embedding, you can work together online on the same deck. With its expertly crafted, pre-built document structures and adaptable designs, Decktopus is an intelligent document creation tool that alleviates the stress associated with slide decks.

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Decktopus Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Decktopus Lifetime Deal Can Do?

You can improve your presentation skills by watching the video tutorials that are included in the premium user interface. Don’t picture your audience wearing underwear (pro tip). And the best part is Decktopus doesn’t require any downloads to operate.

You don’t need an app to create, view, or edit your documents thanks to a responsive browser interface. To make your slide decks accessible both online and offline, you can embed them into your own website, store them on the platform, or share a link to them.

You need a technique to creatively and compellingly convey your crucial facts and data, whether it be in company proposals or online coaching templates. You can easily build and manage your entire document with Decktopus’ innovative user interface, adding personalized colors, fonts, and brand-consistent domain features.

Need to pitch a potential investor on the spot or make last-minute modifications while you’re on the move? With its slick mobile interface and choices for PPT and PDF output, Decktopus has you covered if you want to view, edit, and share presentations right from your phone. You may also integrate forms into your documents to swiftly gather leads, comments, and data.

How It Decktopus Lifetime Deal Work?

Choose the kind of deck you want to make, choose from a variety of logically prepared document designs, and then enter your text. The remainder, including size, colour, alignment, and other details, is handled by Decktopus.

With the help of the distinctive template designs, you can rapidly alter the appearance of your deck so that it adheres to your desired branding and colour scheme. Now that information collection is made simple, you can concentrate on expanding your audience and increasing your sales by interacting with audience prospects.

We can all relate to the frustration of perfecting one presentation only to discover that all the other slides need to be altered to fit. Any style modifications you make using Decktopus are immediately applied to all of the slides. Consistency has never been simpler to maintain!

You might need to take a little extra effort to capture the attention of your audience if they haven’t yet had their morning coffee. The content suggestion engine on Decktopus enables you to liven up your presentations with GIFs, free stock photos, and pertinent quotes. Additionally, Decktopus has integrations with Unsplash, Pixabay, Giphy, and Icons8, making it simple to locate the materials need to make your presentation come to life.


Now, without the need to download any apps or have any design experience, you can quickly generate attractive, professional decks, gather information from prospects, and increase sales with fresh leads.

Decktopus is your personal document development assistant, not just a tool for presentations.

Decktopus Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($129)
Custom domain connection
100s of design alternatives

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