($15) Branded Link Shortener Lifetime Deal: With Reseller License

Presenting Brand Link Shortener — Branded Link Shortner is a link shortening software but it also has a little twist on this leading link management platform that allows you to brand, track and share short URLs using a custom domain.

If you are running a Facebook ad, or if you are running an ad on Instagram. And you want to see which URL is generating the most business the most leads for your organization, you can go inside branded link shortener tool and create special links for your campaign. 

Branded Link Shortener lifetime deal
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Branded Link Shortener

So that, you know, if someone went to a specific website. They went to because they have seen it on Instagram, Facebook. And so being able to see that data and being able to see the customized analytics, it’s going to help you to be more effective with your marketing campaign.

Why do you need a Branded Link Shortner software? because it’s really important if you are a marketer, blogger, influencer anything this software allows you to do so many things. 

For example, if someone watches one of your ads on Google ads, on YouTube, and when they click on one of your links you can see where that person has gone from YouTube and clicked on which links so you understand what sort of products that interested in. 

And if you are a person that writes blog posts, what you can do is actually retarget those people that click that specific link, and you can show them an article that they might be interested in, this thing could happen for products, services, brand and for so many different things.

If you use Branded Link Shortner, you’re going to know exactly how well your ad campaigns are going, you’re going to know exactly how many customers come to your website because of a live stream because of, video because of an Instagram, tag, and so this is how you will be able to create a marketing strategy, that’s perfectly catered to your audience.

  • Here you get reseller license that allows you to create 10 additional full accounts you can resell that accounts and earn profits
  • With the help of this tool not only you can you branded with your website but you can actually use multiple domain names.
  • if you click on pricing. They offer the one-time subscription of 14$ that’s a good deal

Conclusion: Hope you got all the details regarding Branded Link Shortner if you need to create some custom short URLs to drive traffic to your website, go ahead and head over to Branded Link Shortner. If you have any query let us know in the comment section.

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Deal Terms 

  • Lifetime access to Branded Link Shortener
  • All future plan updates
  • 60-day money gack guarantee

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