($59) Nozzle Lifetime Deal: In-Depth SERP Analysis & Rank Tracking

Presenting Nozzle — If you want to make your website visible on SERP then the Nozzle is for you. Whether you want more optimization, competitor tracking, Analytics across devices, and topmost keyword ranking Nozzle will perform all the tasks up to the mark

If you are running a Facebook ad, or if you are running an ad on Instagram. And you want to see which URL is generating the most business the most leads for your organization, you can go inside branded link shortener tool and create special links for your campaign. 

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Nozzle Lifetime Deal

Get the relevant keyword for your website with the Nozzle tool. Boost up your brand awareness now. Here you can create a logical overview of your relevant industry’s entire SERP landscape. Track more keywords to get the ranking of your website.

You can also custom schedule your website keywords including pulling data on an hourly, daily, monthly, or quarterly basis.

The best thing is that you can track your main keyword regularly. so you can learn about ranking up and downs for high-priority keywords and take actions with the right SEO strategy before your competitors do.

With Nozzle, track your website ranking strategy with the brand’s comprehensive SERP presence. In your company’s profile section, you can check and supervise complete domain activity, social media activity, and YouTube video content too. 

You can also check data for guest posts and related content for submission like Quora, Press Release, Pinterest boards and pins, and for some specific tweets. 

Nozzle not only analyzes your domain but also deeply analyzes each listing SERP data.  Here you can discover and monitor all your SERP competitors to gain traffic for your website and focus your SEO activity.

Check your top three or ten URLs position on SERP for each of your keyword groups. You can also get about info about which domains or URLs own the most featured Rich snippets Data and video results. 

In SEO it is very important to understand search queries and target audience for this Nozzle offers you extra features called “People Also Ask” boxes.

It shows search results for both mobile and desktop browsers by the data sorted according to SERP. Here you can manage your website FAQ’s priority question other remaining you can also add in the People Also Ask box.

Without a good SEO strategy, you can able to rank your website in SERP so it is very important to create the right method before the right time to beat your competitors. The nozzle allows you to monitor your entire online presence on the search engine result page with deep keyword analysis.

Nozzle app provides you with an experience like never before. From Keyword research to Keyword Ranking you can find all the necessary things here. Do a side-by-side comparison of your competitors and your URL. 

It’s time to get feature your website on SERP to reach your customers and increase your brand value in the market. 

Following features are available for Appsumo Users only.

  • Features Included in All Plans 
    • Brand tracking, analysis and monitoring
    • Unlimited competitor analysis for lifetime
    • Real-time scheduling
    • Detailed SERP data: Metrics, rank, keyword groups, global and local, devices and OS, and ads.
    • Integrations: With Tableau, Google Data Studio, Domo, Power BI, Big Query, and more.

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