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Arrange interactive meetings and send automated notifications on a web-based, no download required. Virtual meetings can be cool enough after a particular time but scheduling a meeting can be a night terror. 

Business Hangouts is a powerful tool that connects robust webinar and meeting capabilities with heavy automations to keep customer engage with your business. Hosting online meetings is not that tough but managing multiple calls over different platform is a major task to perform.

Using Business Hangouts, you can easily host meetings and webinars with collected calls to action, polls, and live chats and this tool comes with automated notifications to boost engagement.

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Business Hangouts Lifetime Deal  Appsumo

What Business Hangouts Lifetime Deal Can Do?

You can also send meetings reminder to your team mates for upcoming live or pre-recorded webinars. You can also set up email funnels for your meetings using built-in templates for event confirmations, reminders, and follow-ups.

Business Hangouts comes with feature like third-party CRM and marketing platforms so you can follow conversions from Google, Facebook, and email campaigns. You can also analysis user activity like how much views you are getting on your registration page or total time spent watching your webinar by a user.

Using the registration heatmap, you can also get details of sign up by day and time, and get informative insights to promote your events. You can also track data breakdown information about each user to get notify about who clicked on special offers, voted in polls, or participated in the chat.

How It Business Hangouts Lifetime Deal Work?

This tool allows you to set up meetings, live or pre-recorded webinars, and event series straight from your browser and there is now download required. You can also launch quick meeting of up to 10 people with a sharable link so there is no passcode required for this.

To experience the branded Sign Up process add your company logo and information to readymade registration pages. Once you created the meeting you can make changes in timing and meeting type, also you can add payment functionality for paid events.

You can also use user friendly features like offers and polls to boost engagement in your meetings, events, and pre-recorded webinars. You can also modify the chat feature for your meeting team members and easily manage incoming messages to make sure only relevant content is observable.

Business Hangouts also allows you to enable webinar replays and add calls to action for repeat viewers. Setup your virtual meeting smoothly with a unique and super cool team building activity. Enjoy real time interaction with new meetups and sessions.


From natural chit-chat to give team members the chance to get to know about each other so they can manage work task accordingly. Run your virtual meetings smoothly plan an agenda and schedule your meetings with your team mates. 

With Business Hangouts scheduling meeting is as easy as ABC and you can launch meetings and webinar right from your browser. Adopt the smart automation with less efforts.  Make virtual meeting interesting and combatable with your team. Thanks for reading!

Business Hangouts Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($79) Tier 2 ($158) Tier 3 ($237)
100 attendees200 attendees300 attendees
1 pre-recorded evergreen event(s)3 pre-recorded evergreen event(s)6 pre-recorded evergreen event(s)
5 GB recording and document storage10 GB recording and document storage15 GB recording and document storage

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