($59) Testimonial Hunt Lifetime Deal AppSumo

Flaunt the reason why customers love your business with video testimonials. Your business has lots of opportunity to offer but make your customer satisfy without customer testimonials can be a baseless concept to promote your product. You can easily manage all your testimonials and multiple workspaces from one single dashboard.

Testimonial Hunt helps customers to add their perspective right from the website. If you want to gather and share good quality customer feedback but you need to attach quality work to your website. With Testimonial Hunt, you can collect and share video testimonial from customers with an implant widget or committed web page.

Everyone love customized recommendations. Create them, and convert them into valuable leads. Happy and satisfy customer can level up your marketing. Utilize your customer feedback and turn them into promotion of your product or service. 

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Testimonial Hunt Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Testimonial Hunt Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Using Testimonial Hunt, customers can add video testimonial directly from their browser so no logins and downloads required. Customers can easily add video testimonial all they need to do is choose their microphone and webcam, then they can record up to five minutes’ video of feedback. 

Testimonial Hunt can also send you your own personalized video messages, on your request so your customers can bring their face to your company’s name. Customers only need a microphone or a camera to add video testimonials directly from their browser.

This app allows you to manage all your testimonials from one single dashboard. Customers can view all your video and text testimonials, check out the feedback who left them, and you can also get sharable links to your testimonial page.

You can also share various workspaces and tag in team members to answer to different types of feedback make sure your customers are correctly heard. 

How It Testimonial Hunt Lifetime Deal Work?

Testimonial Hunt allows you to make a customized testimonials page for your business without using any coding. You can easily collect written and video testimonials from customers directly from your site with a webpage that attach to your website.

You can even customize the page with a custom call to action, you can get the right feedback to drive higher conversions. It helps you to showcase testimonials impacting wall of customers’ feedback, so predicted customer can view all your feedback in one place.

Also you can implant your best-loved testimonials anywhere, that covers websites and email campaigns, that built in them throughout your marketing strategy. You can share your most loved testimonials individually or on a specific wall of customer’s feedback.


Personally asking to your customer’s testimonials can feels like you are seeking for compliments. But Testimonial Hunt makes it easy to collect high-quality video testimonials that you can use in your business marketing to make your business level up. 

Hope your all doubts are clear now. Still if have any query related to Testimonial Hunt you can ask in the comment box below. Also share this article with your friends and family because it’s worth to explore. Thanks for reading. 

Testimonial Hunt Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($59) Tier 2 ($119) Tier 3 ($199)
All features above includedAll features above includedAll features above included
workspace(s)workspace(s)Unlimited workspace(s)
team users10 team usersUnlimited team users

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