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BuyStars app is a popular gaming platform owned by Arkimy Technologies Private Limited in India. It’s easy; users can participate in fantasy games hosted on BuyStars. A user engages in a game by making a team and competing against other users. Players are chosen for the teams based on their point value.

You can purchase player cards for your favourite players on the online platform known as BuyStars. It is a reputable e-commerce platform and one of India’s most rapidly expanding digital platforms. It is an online store where you can purchase genuine players’ virtual cards. These are digital cards rather than actual ones. It is a novel idea in the e-commerce industry.

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How Buystars App Works?

The point/credit values of the players are predetermined for a certain match and remain constant. Typically, each participant receives between 5 and 12 points total. To form a team, the user must choose 11 players from a match while staying within a 100-point budget.

To form their squad, the user must select a combination of wicketkeepers, batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders. In a match, the user’s team must include players from both competing teams; it cannot consist of the same starting 11 as a real-world team.

While each player has a fixed point value for each game, that value may fluctuate after the game depending on how well they performed in the previous round (a player’s point value may change by a maximum of 0.5 points). 

According to the established rules listed on the app, certain players’ fantasy points may increase, while other players’ unique fantasy points may decrease. These changes are based on a player’s individual fantasy points. Each player’s points will be revised between 5 and 12 points during the following live match for these players.

Anyone attempting to participate in the new match must build their team under a 100-point budget.

How to Verify KYC on BuyStars?

Phone number, email address, Pan Card, and bank account are the documents needed for KYC verification.

Steps in the KYC Verification Process

1- Open BuyStars and select “More.”

2- Click “Account Balance” at this point.

3- Next, select “Complete KYC.”

4- The BuyStars KYC page then appears. Verify each of the following one at a time: Pan Card (you must upload a photo of the card), Bank Account (need to upload Bank Account statement or any proof).

Note: Account verification can take up to 24 hours.

Buystars app kyc verify

Is BuyStars Reliable?

There is no doubt that BuyStars is a trusted app. This is because BuyStars has an official partnership with IPL teams such as RCB and KKR.

According to the current rules in India, playing skill-based games for money or other benefits is acceptable. However, according to local state legislation, playing online games for real money is not permitted in Karnataka, Meghalaya, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland, or Telangana. As a result, the partners do not permit users from the aforementioned states to participate in cash games, tournaments, or contests on their platform. As a result, players who live in the aforementioned states will only be able to access certain services on the Partner’s Platform.

Key Features of BuyStars-

  • By purchasing cards of your favourite cricketers, you may assemble and manage your team. Make money by building your portfolio. Play games on BuyStars using your player cards.
  • Collect and exchange digital cards of your favourite players with other fans that share your passion. Invest in the players you adore instead of dull stocks you don’t comprehend anymore.
  • Use your player cards to play a range of games and earn daily prizes in leader board competitions and mini-fantasy tournaments.

Eligibility Criteria for BuyStars?

People under the age of 18 are not permitted to use Buystars’ platform or use our services. You will be solely responsible for your act and accept full responsibility for any result thereof, including any unfavourable effects, if you permit or assist anyone under the age of 18 to access our Platform on your computer or other internet-enabled devices, internet connection, and/or accessibility (whether borrowed, owned, or leased).

Regardless of whether such party or agent has been warned of or advised against the possibility of similar injuries or damages, neither BuyStars nor any other third-party content or service provider, nor their related agents, shall be responsible or liable for any direct or indirect, incidental or consequential injuries or damages that may arise as a result of the use of or inability to use our Platform by the user.

Payment Terms on BuyStars

  • You acknowledge that once you confirm a transaction on BuyStars, you are bound by that transaction and are responsible for paying for it.
  • You understand that any transactions conducted on the Platform may take up to 72 hours to process, depending on the bank’s processing times and any other external dependencies BuyStars may have on other parties. The user’s account balance may not be updated for up to 72 hours after any payment or transfer has been made.
  • You acknowledge and agree that BuyStars is not liable for any delays in crediting transaction amounts to any of your accounts, including delays that prevent you from participating in any contests.
  • Once a transaction has been verified, it cannot be changed or cancelled.
  • In extraordinary cases and solely at its discretion, BuyStars may return the transferred money to the user after subtracting any relevant cancellation fees and taxes.

BuyStars Customer Care Support

BuyStars is there to give you additional details, respond to your inquiries, and develop a workable solution for your educational needs. Utilize the Contact Us option on the app’s Hamburger Menu at any moment to get in touch with us. Please send an email to if you have any complaints.




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