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MyStart11 Referral Code “HARSHIJU96F is a strategy-based online fantasy sports (Cricket, Football) game where you may assemble a fictitious squad of actual athletes to compete in real tournaments worldwide. You can gain points and win cash rewards based on how these players perform in actual matches.

A football and cricket fantasy app. Naturally, MyStart11 has lofty goals; This app aims to host various thrilling events and sports. As there are many new sports fantasy apps like Life11, Fantasy Battle, and Choic11 that showed up great responses, MyStart11 has to do something great.

App NameMystart11
Mystart11 Referral CodeHARSHIJU96F
DownloadMystart11 App Download
Size (APK)91.49 MB
Compatible OSAndroid
SignUp Bonus200 Rs
Brand AmbassadorNot available
Mystart11 Owner NameNot available
Head Office516, City Centre 2, Science City Rd, Sola, Ahmedabad, 380060 Gujarat, India
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How to Download MyStart11 Application?

As this application is available on Google Play Store and App Store so you can download It directly from there.

How to Play Cricket on MyStart11?

Every cricket team you create on Mystart11 must contain 11 players, of whom no more than 7 can be from the same side that is participating in the actual match.

Select A Match- Games from a variety of sports are played on Mystart11. Keep an eye on the match deadline and click on the forthcoming game you want to play.

Create Your Teams- With a budget of 100 credits, choose the team you believe will win the chosen game by using your sports knowledge. For each battle, keep in mind that you can organize and join contests with up to 11 teams. Players are purchased with credits. Star and in-form players often cost more credits, whilst novice or irregular players typically cost less.

Join Contests- You can participate in a wide variety of contest styles on MyStart11. Select between paid and free contests, or even start your own private contest exclusively for you and your friends. You are the player. The entry fee, the number of teams, the prize pool, and the style of play can be used to filter and order contests. Make an informed choice because choosing the proper contest can frequently help you win big.

Follow The Match – Once a match has begun, you can check the leaderboards for your contest to see how you’re doing in comparison to the other players. You can also communicate with them instantly using our Contest Chat function.

Withdraw Winnings- If you are in the winning zone for a contest when the game ends, the prize money is added to your account. Use them to enter other competitions, or use them to withdraw and enjoy your victory. The My Balance item on the left-side menu of the app allows you to access more information about your account balance, make cash deposits, and start withdrawals.


  • You must choose a team captain and vice-captain once you have chosen your 11 players.
  • You will receive twice as many points from the captain as they did in the actual game.
  • The vice-captain will award you 1.5 times as many points as they did in the actual game.
  • You may learn more about how other players have selected their teams by looking at the statistics for captained by (% C By) and vice-captained by (% VC By).
  • Select a popular pick to serve as captain, or discover a difference to outperform your rivals.

How to Play Football on MyStart11?

Every football team you create on Mystart11 must contain 11 players, with a maximum of 7 of those players coming from the actual match-playing team. 

  • The world’s top source of football data, GOALSERVE, provides us with all of our stats. However, we reserve the right to change the figures if our provider clearly made a mistake.
  • The participant you select as your team’s captain will score twice as many points for their work.
  • Your team’s vice-captain will earn 1.5 times as many points for their performance as any other player.
  • For the purpose of calculating points, 54 minutes and 1 second and beyond (54’1″) shall be regarded as 55 minutes.
  • There will be no more changes made to the points awarded after a match has been declared over and the victors announced. Only when the game is “In Progress” or “In Review” will the points for a LIVE game be susceptible to change.
  • Points will be awarded for any activity that occurs during overtime.

Contest Format in MyStart11-

On the Mystart11 platform, there are presently two contest styles available: public contests, where users can engage in a contest with other users without any restrictions, and private contests, where users can only enter a contest after receiving an invitation from other participants. Yes, the paid form of online fantasy sports gaming is permitted in India because it is seen as a legitimate game of skill.

Is MyStart11 Legal?

Yes, MyStart11 is completely Safe and Legal Platform. When using Mystart11, the user agrees to all Terms and Conditions, rules, regulations, and other terms of use that may be offered by Mystart11 in connection with any Mystart11 Services and may be updated from time to time.

Players Eligibity on MyStart11-

  • Individuals must be over 18 and currently resident in India.
  • The paid edition of the Contests is not open to residents of the “restricted” Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland, Odisha, Sikkim, or Telangana since those states’ laws are ambiguous and prohibit people from taking part in skill-based activities that cost money to enter.
  • A working email address is required for participants in the contest (s).
  • The Contest is only open to Participants who have successfully enrolled on Mystart11 and registered before of each match in accordance with the criteria stated above (s).

Verification Process for MyStart11-

In the following situations, Mystart11 may reject any Winner(s) from withdrawing the total winning sum (or any portion thereof) after verifying all papers provided by the User:

  • You submitted a document or information that is inaccurate, incomplete, false, forged, or illegible.
  • You do not meet the requirements to take part in the game.

The only Winners who will be allowed to withdraw/receive their cumulative prizes are those who successfully complete the verification process and supply the necessary papers within the time frame specified by Mystart11 (or any part thereof). Any claims or requests for an extension of the deadline for submitting documents will not be considered by Mystart11.

How to Use Coupons in MyStart11?

  • Click on the user profile icon in the upper-left area of the app screen to access the “Left Panel.”
  • Have a coupon code? can be accessed by clicking on “My Coupons”
  • When finished, click “Apply.”
  • Enter any competition to receive a discount.

Invite Bonus-

  • The Invitee must deposit any money into its Unused Account and use it to enter cash competitions on Mystart11 in order to receive the Inviter Bonus. The Inviter will receive 10% of the deposit used by the Invitee to enter a cash contest on Mystart11, up to a maximum of INR 500.
  • Within fifteen (15) days of the cash contest’s end, the corresponding inviter bonus for each invitee will be credited to their cash bonus account.
  • The Inviter’s bonus funds may be utilized to enter Mystart11 cash competitions and other competitions. Bonus Amount is not eligible for entry into or participation in any private contests.
  • They cannot be withdrawn or moved to any other cash balance account that the Inviter/Invitee has with Mystart11, to any other accounts owned by third parties, to any bank or payment instrument accounts, or to any other accounts.
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How to Verify Account on MyStart11?

MyStart11’s account verification method is incredibly easy to use and only needs to be done once. 

  • Select your Avatar by clicking on the face in the top left corner.
  • Select “My Balance” and then “VERIFY TO WITHDRAW” from the menu.
  • Enter your mobile number, followed by the OTP you received on your mobile device, to confirm it is yours.
  • Enter your mobile number, followed by the OTP you received on your mobile device, to confirm it is yours.
  • PAN card verification is the next step of the verification procedure at MyStart11. Upload your PAN Card number, PAN Card image, and other necessary information in order to correctly verify your PAN card details. Click “Save PAN Card” after properly uploading and completing the necessary information.
  • Once your PAN card information has been submitted successfully, you must provide the information for your bank account to finish the verification procedure. The same day, the PAN card and bank account information are validated.

MyStart11 Customer Care Support

If you have any query about this application, you can contact MyStart11 team via below modes.


516, City Centre 2, Science City Rd, Sola, Ahmedabad, 380060 Gujarat, India

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