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Recurring nightmares about forgetting to send an important email are the only thing worse than actually forgetting to send an important email.

It is difficult enough to remember to water your plants in between all of your work and meetings, let alone maintain healthy relationships.

You need a simple method for remembering significant events and for crafting meaningful, individualized interactions with clients and staff.

Create and arrange customized electronic cards for a range of events. Establish several white-labeled work areas and cooperate when creating group cards.

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CardClan Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What CardClan Lifetime Deal Can Do?

With the help of robust scheduling capabilities, keep track of crucial dates and produce pertinent cards. Moreover, CardClan facilitates group card collaboration by sending out a single, sharing link for invitations.

To allow anyone to personalize your cards with their own touch, simply forward the link by social media, text message, or email.

With timely group communications, you can now easily manage your team at work and provide your customers a sense of value.

Share a link with the editor by text, social media, or email to collaborate on group cards with ease.

You can also manage several brands utilizing various workspaces with CardClan. To send customized cards that accurately reflect your company, white-label your workplaces with unique themes and domains.

Colleagues can use various client interaction models to generate card lists, which they can then monitor in different dashboards. To make the delivery of your card even more personalized, you may also link your email account.

How It CardClan Lifetime Deal Work?

With personalized digital cards sent straight to their inbox, CardClan enables you to establish deep connections with clients, associates, and members of the community.

Adding a personal touch with digital greeting cards might help you build deeper relationships with your clients and coworkers.

Cards can be sent for any reason, such as prizes, events, holidays, follow-ups after meetings, and even cold outreach.

Use the one-click design method made possible by the Canva integration, or select from more than 500 templates to make the ideal card.

You may add text, graphics, and other effects to templates, and you can even preview your card before sending it to a recipient’s email.

Create customized digital greeting cards by selecting from more than 200 templates or by connecting with Canva.

Strong scheduling capabilities and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface ensure that you never miss another crucial day. Once the ideal card has been created, it may be easily scheduled in advance and sent in bulk to a list of recipients.

On the roadmap, significant occurrences are highlighted, and you may monitor card delivery directly from the dashboard.

At Last

Utilize card lists and distinctive white-labeled workspaces to manage communication with many businesses.

You are not really a part of a community if the Kardashians are the only people you keep in touch with.

You can make and send individualized digital cards using CardClan to foster deep relationships with clients, associates, and loved ones.

Enhance the human element in online conversation.

CardClan Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($49)Tier 2 ($98)Tier 3 ($147)
50 cards per month100 cards per month200 cards per month
500 contacts engaged1,000 contacts engaged2,000 contacts engaged
1 team member(s)/user(s)5 team member(s)/user(s)7 team member(s)/user(s)

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