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It might be easy to run out of fresh ideas while attempting to produce interesting films on a regular basis.

Finding a strategy to produce new, original content without wearing out your creative staff is essential if you want to be more than just a one-hit wonder.

Would you like an AI programme that could watch millions of videos, research the best possible content, and help you develop a 15-minute SEO-friendly video script? To make your video concept more algorithm-friendly, compare it to millions of other YouTube videos. In just fifteen minutes, transform any idea into an SEO-optimized script.

Fortunately, you can swiftly sketch anything on an AI-powered collaborative whiteboard to quickly communicate ideas with your colleagues.

With generative AI, quickly create mind maps, diagrams, presentations, sticky notes, and more. Work together with more than 500 people at once on the same whiteboard, supporting mentions and comments on any element.

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Maekersuite Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Maekersuite Lifetime Deal Can Do?

You may transform a simple video concept into a polished screenplay that embodies your brand in a matter of minutes. You can copy and paste automatically generated tags and descriptions into your movie during upload thanks to Maekersuite’s AI.

It is also very easy for potential followers to find you because the description and tags are optimized for search engines like Google and YouTube, which helps your videos rank in search results.

All of these functions work together to produce a writing helper that can produce polished scripts; all you have to do is record them.

Acquire automatically created tags and descriptions for your films to improve their visibility on Google and YouTube.

Juggling several scripts concurrently? Organize your ideas and scripts by designating a project state, such as “Done,” “In Progress,” or “To-do.” In addition, you may examine any competitor’s video to obtain a thorough analysis of their performance, as well as related videos, watch intensity, and the complete transcript.

Additionally, you may build a script entirely in Maekersuite’s document editor and then use the AI to refine it if you would like to give it a go.

How It Maekersuite Lifetime Deal Work?

Using artificial intelligence (AI), Maekersuite is a video platform that can analyses millions of YouTube videos and provide SEO-friendly scripts in 15 minutes.

You can research any video idea in a matter of minutes using Maekersuite! You may ask the AI to search through millions of YouTube videos for you by simply typing it in.

Before investing any time or money in production, you will receive a thorough report brimming with data-driven insights to assist you in determining whether a video is worth shooting.

In order to improve your click-through rate and likelihood of algorithm success, this platform also provides you with an infinite supply of SEO-optimized video titles that you can change, edit, or renew. Examine millions of videos to ensure that you always come up with the ideal concept.

All it takes to turn your well-thought-out concept into a comprehensive outline on Maekersuite is a few facts about the kind of video you want to create.

You have complete creative control over the video; to improve your outline, you may choose the tone, purpose, length, language, and target audience. After you have finished editing, you can click a button to turn your outline into a complete video script.

At Last

Keep everyone updated by working on several scripts and establishing clear project statuses.

If you have a scriptwriter that watches every YouTube video, your videos will undoubtedly rank highly in the algorithm. With Maekersuite’s AI, creating SEO-friendly video scripts is easy, and you can easily create incredibly captivating movies.

Quickly create scripts for videos.

Maekersuite Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($29)Tier 2 (129)Tier 3 ($259)
15 scripts per month100 scripts per monthUnlimited scripts per month
30 descriptions per month100 descriptions per monthUnlimited descriptions per month
Unlimited AI-generated wordsUnlimited AI-generated wordsUnlimited AI-generated words

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