($69)Soundpiece Lifetime Deal AppSumo

Soundpiece Lifetime Deal

Create original music with no royalties quickly using an AI-powered audio platform. Your track finally has finally selected, but the usage rights are ridiculously pricey. Soundpiece is a platform where artificial intelligence (AI) could be used to quickly produce endless, royalty-free tunes for any genre. … Read more

($89)Cenit IO Lifetime Deal AppSumo

Cenit IO Lifetime Deal

With an open-source integration platform, you can interface any app into a smooth workflow. Your business tool should be latest and upgraded if you want to keep updated in market. Cenit IO is an integration platform that allows you to link any tool to construct the … Read more

($49)Mobilzer Lifetime Deal AppSumo

Mobilzer Lifetime Deal

Mobilzer is a no-code app builder that allows you to quickly create mobile apps for iPhones and Androids and sell them online. Mobilizer gives you the ability to make a fully functional, cross-platform app in just minutes. You can build for Android, iOS apps. How … Read more

($59)Troopr Lifetime Deal AppSumo

Troopr Lifetime Deal

Troopr is a tool for managing support and running meetings in a more efficient way. It combines the best of both worlds Slack and Jira, the world’s best bug tracker. By connecting the two together, you get a powerful tool to run asynchronous meetings, manage … Read more

($59)Linkz.ai Lifetime Deal AppSumo

Linkz.ai Lifetime Deal

Interactive link preview pop-ups keep your website visitors attentive and focused. It’s not nothing new that your site’s users are diverted by all of your hyperlinks because you’ve crammed it with related stuff.  Linkz.ai is a platform that allows you to preview link content so users wouldn’t have … Read more

($69)iLert Lifetime Deal AppSumo

iLert Lifetime Deal

Using status pages, you can respond faster to site alarms, monitor uptime, and communicate incidents. It’s hard to build confidence in your customers when your website is down. iLert is a platform that keep0track of outages outside of business hours without putting a strain on your … Read more