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Organizing all of your client work the traditional method can get untidy very fast. You are drowning in email chains and strange tools trying to manage crucial projects and receiving the appropriate information from your clients.

What if everything could be done more easily and efficiently on a single platform with an intuitive workspace? Create personalized invoices, contracts, intake forms, and customer questionnaires in a matter of minutes.

Work together on projects with your team and manage clients and tasks from a single, user-friendly dashboard.

Using template builders and project management tools, ClientManager facilitates the onboarding and administration of clients.

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ClientManager Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What ClientManager Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Within minutes, create proposals and use a URL to collect e-signatures. Using their easy-to-use building tools, ClientManager also enables you to produce legal invoices and contracts.

To add a little flair, you may add your e-signature to documents in a variety of styles through customization. Upon completion, documents can be saved as fresh templates that your group can utilize going forward. Make your own legal invoices and contracts to keep on file as templates.

Better still, ClientManager provides an incredibly easy onboarding process for new clients that just requires a few minutes!

Using the site, you can create and send personalized intake forms or use pre-made ones. Provide a URL so that a personalized questionnaire may be used to gather client information, which will then be instantly uploaded onto the platform.

Your team may start working right away because you will be notified when forms are finished, so there will not be any back and forth.

How It ClientManager Lifetime Deal Work?

You will be able to manage all of your clients and projects in one location with ClientManager’s user-friendly interface. To add new clients, review notifications, and keep an eye on the integrated calendar, simply navigate to your dashboard.

With the help of this platform, you can assign team members specific tasks or full projects, ensuring that none of the client work is overlooked. Easily handle all of your clients and tasks from the dashboard.

Creating polished proposals that can build your brand and win over potential customers is simple. E-signatures can be obtained via URL, which simplifies the procedure for all parties involved right away.

You may even upload pre-existing PDF proposals with ClientManager! In either case, you can monitor bids to stay on top of possible customers and move quickly to close a contract.

At Last

Create personalized intake forms and quickly onboard new customers!

Putting your new client through a cumbersome onboarding procedure is a certain way to break the bond. For this reason, ClientManager provides you with all the resources you require to seamlessly onboard new clients and oversee projects.

Manage your company with ease.


ClientManager Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

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