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Every time a member of your team misplaces an email from a customer, you are essentially wasting money. However, due to the limitations of your tech stack, you are forced to use technologies that often lose you leads and clients.

You require a single platform that, rather than creating from scratch, combines phone assistance, SMS, and chat with your customer communications. Establish a two-way SMS service and virtual phone system to stay in contact with your prospects and clients.

Use a multi-channel discussion widget that provides voice and live chat to instantly establish a connection with website visitors.

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Voizee Licensing Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Voizee Licensing Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Make a deep connection with your clients by utilizing two-way text messaging. Voizee’s Virtual Phone System, accessible on your phone through a web portal and mobile app, may help you handle every call effectively.

You will have access to functions that enhance call handling and client interactions, such as voicemail and call routing.

Additionally, you can route calls to any phone and immediately get on the phone with clients or prospects via remote call forwarding. Call forwarding, voicemail, and call routing can all be utilised with the Virtual Phone System.

To top it all off, anywhere you have an internet connection, you can use Voizee’s mobile apps on iOS or Android. With the multi-channel widget, two-way SMS, and virtual phone system, you can control every aspect of your conversation from the palm of your hand.

Voizee is extremely simple to incorporate into your current workflow because it interacts with the technologies you use on a daily basis, such as Google Analytics, WordPress, ChatGPT, and Zapier.

How It Voizee Licensing Lifetime Deal Work?

Voizee is a multi-channel communication platform that uses virtual phone systems, two-way SMS, and chat to expedite client involvement.Voizee’s multi-channel conversational widget facilitates instant voice and chat communication with website visitors.

In just a few minutes, install Voizee on your website and link your Twilio account to begin using phone calls, live chat, SMS, and email.

Additionally, from the main dashboard, you will be able to read emails, chat messages, and text messages as well as listen to call recordings. To use phone calls, live chat, SMS, and email services, install Voizee on your website.

With Voizee, you can direct traffic to particular channels, making live chat easier for both your consumers and support team. Calls and messages can be categorized by department to direct traffic to customer care, tech support, management, or any other department.

Use two-way SMS to communicate in real-time. This is very helpful for timely communication such as reminders and support requests. Additionally, ChatGPT-powered AI Texting Assistant lets you quickly compose SMS and live chat reply messages.

At Last

By communicating with clients through Voizee’s mobile apps, you can increase engagement and answer more quickly.

If all of your interactions with clients are taking place on a support email thread, it is difficult to establish deeper relationships with them. 

Fortunately, Voizee’s all-in-one platform provides two-way SMS, chat, and a virtual phone system so you can enhance customer support without having to work hard.

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Voizee Licensing Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

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