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Comigo is a cognitive AI assistant capable of converting unstructured ideas into practical tasks, enhancing concentration, and offering mentorship. It can help individuals organize their thoughts, set clear objectives, and maintain focus on important tasks. This can lead to increased efficiency and productivity.

With Comigo, you can engage in conversations with an AI Voice Assistant in the role of a friend or mentor, aimed at enhancing your focus and self-assurance. You can ask genuine questions and receive tailored guidance from your new AI voice and text companion.

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 Comigo Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Comigo Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Comigo’s AI Co-Brain serves as a digital coach, providing intelligent task planning, scheduling, sequencing, and prioritization to help you stay focused and productive. The Focus Mode enables you to concentrate on a single task without worrying about the rest of your to-do list. 

If you encounter interruptions, simply inform the AI Co-Brain, and it will automatically adjust your task schedule, ensuring you don’t fall behind on your projects. Additionally, you have the option to gamify your day, using positive reinforcement and rewards to transform work into an opportunity for self-improvement

ComigoAI was specifically created with the needs of individuals with ADHD in mind, providing you with your very own digital mentor. You’ll have the opportunity to gain valuable insights into your habits, monitor your progress, and measure improvements over time. This self-training AI continually adapts to assist you in making lasting changes, ensuring that you’re consistently progressing and leveling up.

How It Comigo Lifetime Deal Work?

Comigo allows you to engage in conversations with the AI Voice Assistant in the roles of both a friend and a mentor, with the aim of boosting your focus and self-assurance. You have the freedom to ask genuine questions and receive personalized advice from your new AI voice and text companion.

What’s more, it excels at transforming your ideas, goals, and brain dumps into actionable tasks, so staying organized doesn’t feel like a burdensome chore. This functionality ensures that your creative thoughts and aspirations can seamlessly translate into tangible, structured actions, making it easier to turn your visions into reality

ComigoAI was thoughtfully crafted with individuals who have ADHD in mind, ensuring that you’ll have your very own digital mentor to support you on your journey.

With this powerful AI companion, you can delve deep into your habits, gain valuable insights, and continuously monitor your progress while measuring improvements over time. 

This self-training AI is designed to evolve alongside you, assisting in the creation of lasting, positive changes in your life. It’s like having a dedicated partner in your personal growth, ensuring that you’re always progressing and leveling up, no matter where you are on your path to self-improvement.

At Last

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Comigo Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($49)
All features above included
Conversational AI voice companion and mentor for ADHD
Specialized AI model for ADHD, evolving to best help users thrive

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