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Any chatbot will start to feel strange after you converse with it for a while. The majority of AI chatbots are not smart enough to perform anything more than recite your knowledge base.

Imagine if you could create an extremely intelligent chatbot that continuously learns so that clients always receive first-rate support? Monitor leads, automate follow-ups, and white-label the application with your own name and branding. Teach a chatbot driven by AI to give precise and customised sales and customer service.

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MagicForm Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What MagicForm Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Set up automated follow-up with leads by allowing your chatbot to send customised emails. You will not ever have to be concerned about leads slipping through the cracks thanks to the integrated lead management and automated follow-ups.

From a single dashboard that indicates the next step and its deadline, you can monitor all of your active leads and track their customer journey.

In order to achieve even more, such as sending lead information to your enterprise CRM, you may also use Zapier to combine MagicForm with other applications. Track each active lead’s customer journey and view all of your leads.

The best part is that you can trademark everything and white label everything to make it appear like an internal tool. In order to enhance client interactions with MagicForm directly on your website, you can add a custom domain using CNAME. You can now generate additional cash for your company by reselling this platform to your clients.

How It MagicForm Lifetime Deal Work?

You may enhance and automate your client journey by creating and training an AI-powered sales assistant with Magic Form.Give an AI-powered sales representative all the information about your company so that it can communicate with consumers intelligently.

You can use papers and URLs to educate the AI, and you can add information not included in your knowledge base to your chatbot’s source knowledge. Using MagicForm, you can look back over the previous conversations your chatbot has had to identify problems such as erroneous or delusional replies.

By selecting responses, you can also verify that your chatbot is offering pertinent assistance by seeing what content it is referring. Updating your chatbot’s knowledge base will ensure that users always receive pertinent assistance.

Linking your chatbot to Gmail will allow it to immediately follow up with leads and assist them as they proceed through the customer journey. For lead outreach, you may create whole email sequences that direct leads to your website and begin the conversion process towards becoming paying clients.

All you need to do is provide a prompt for every step, and the AI will create a customised email with the information from that prospect’s chat.

At Last

Make MagicForm uniquely yours by adding your own branding and domain name.

You will at last have time for that side project when AI takes care of your consumers. You can create your own AI-powered sales and support representative with MagicForm who is an authority on your industry.

Improve your client service.

MagicForm Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($49)Tier 2 ($199)Tier 3 ($399)
All features above includedAll features above includedAll features above included
3 team seats10 team seats20 team seats
500 messages per month2,000 messages per monthUnlimited messages per month

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